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Is the CO2 a climate-effective factor?

You will certainly be surprised, why this topic in an astrophysics - side appears. One must know that people are the earth for us the most important astronomic object in the cosmos. One can consider the earth a spaceship with perfect life-conservation. And exactly the physical processes in it, has big influence on the life-conservation of this spaceship. This life-conservation of many factors is shaped with it. One of those should be the CO2. One subordinates it a global warm, which should influence the climate of earth persistently.
Already many years ago, I published a report in the club-magazine to this „cosmos-tidings “from the society for cosmos-tidings e.V. . Said summers and autumn 1998 under the title in the editions more exactly „ecological “. I represented in it that the CO2 cannot be relevant for the evidently taking place global warming. In the temperature-area, in which our earth emits its heat into the cosmos, with 13 - 15 microns, the CO2 has no resonance-gangs. This became at the 06. November 1998 of Mr. Dr. Wolfgang Thüne in VDI - news publishes.
However something is responsible for the present warming of the climate then, if the increase of the atmospheric CO2 - salary's no effect has?
There are two possibilities to it:
There is our star sun once which a long-in the time of-periodic star is. These qualities have almost all stars of the main-row. There are only few under them, that are short-intermittently variable.
Our star sun has shown a continuous increase of its stain-activities for approximately 150 years. To this published. Phys. Dr. Làszlò Körtvèlyessy in his book „The Electric Universe “, 1998, that our sun loads itself electrostatic long-intermittently which I can confirm, since I the same effect as radiation-pressure - effect had discovered.
With it itself increasing stain-activity of our sun is one connected itself increasing radiation of energy simultaneously. This can between 2 - 5% amounts to. The temperature-increases of the last years would be to be explained. However like so often, several factors combine also here with biggest security. We come to the second possibility. Even if because of the CO2 - debates not publicly known, so the steam is the probably climate-most effective factor in the earth's atmosphere. Not only through the constant water-cycle, it influences our climate. Rather, it is the steam generated by us in gigantic quantities. These masses still arrive to the natural quantity. Our exhaust fumes from industry, power plants, housekeepings and traffic, is continuance of this greenhouse-gas. However, this is not yet everything hatchet-yew. The water tied in the forests also becomes free through the deforestations and fire-clearances. Additionally, the grounds now exposed the sunlight dry up. Everything collected we set free many billion tons of steam per year and this works itself like follows from:
The world-wide output of CO2 through traffic, industry, household and fire-clearance is declared with approximately 24 billion ts, by Internet declaration. To over 90%, the exhaust fumes consist of steam however. Can consequently from an output from over 220 billion ts steam, with which this value decides, is still gone out is understated. In order to be able to introduce us this quantity, we must a die with a crust-length of approximately 6,1 km assumes, that with water is filled. This die has a volume of 226,981 cubic-kilometres. This mass is enough in approximately with one kilometre of width and height of Dortmund until Frankfurt on the Main.
The steam in the atmosphere stores the suns - and warm of earth and decreases its radiation into the cosmos. On the other hand elevated more steam in the atmosphere the Albedo of the earth. The Albedo is the reflection-fortune of the earth and lies with approximately 38% at present.
Therefore first the steam prevents the earth´s radiation and simultaneously decreases the sunbathe-effect it through reflection. To this, I already placed the question, which is more effective these effects and will have something this for our climate for effects, years ago. Meanwhile, I found in the Internet giving of the University - Bonn of the meteorological institute. Under the management of Professor Dr. Clemens Simmer was examined the heat-storage-ability of the clouds. One determined that clouds store heat-energy much more strongly, as was assumed until now. This suggests that the global warm is caused by them. The communication originates a press release of the 29.08.2001 Rhenish Friedrich-Wilhelms-University Bonn. But quite same, as the result will turn out, so the fact remains that we influence the earth-climate through our actions. A global warming can either occur, or possibly to a cooling. If more final should apply, so we counteract maybe even an warming. But this remains purely hypothetically for the moment and only when exact research-results are available, we will be able to judge the climate-development right.
Fact is however that the climate-catastrophes have increased enormously in the last 10 years. Torrential floods belong in all continents, typhoons, hurricanes, tornadoes and the especially tragic El Nino - effect. With it interconnected is strong erosions, floods and droughts. Total regions was devastated and mountainsides slid to valley because the consolidating root-work of the trees was missing. The originated damages exceed each measurement of until now obtained values that viewing as causes is. To these effects, you find an elaborate article under with the title „ice ages, that scare of the mankind! (but it´s only in German)

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Secondary effects of the climate-changes.

It is marking that reading off from all charts of the climate-change is that such gases walk around like methane and CO2 in correlation with it itself changing climate. This had to lead invariably to wrong assumptions, because it was to be gone out on the basis of these connections of it that these gases were the main cause of the different climate-changes. However why should this be so? Could it be not just as good that they walked around as secondary factors with the climate-changes and only showed these? Obviously this variation was roofed in no way or also only was considered. All statements done until now always assume it that these gases are the causes alone and the further output must necessarily be restricted. I am correct in this point completely in agreement. The output must become reduce and with it the consumption of valuable resources. As I gave already many times known, the steam is the greenhouse-gas only decisive with biggest security. We have it to owe it that we have a warmly-time at present and this gas will already produce people by us since millennia in gigantic quantities. This now became F. Ruddiman of the Lamont-Dotherty Earth Observatory of the Columbia also from the sea-geologist William - University recognized, spectrum of the science, February 2006, „prevented the human being an ice age? “ p. 44-51 (it´s in German). It follows that the mankind set free since the beginning of their settledness before approximately 8000 years and the agriculture interconnected with it and the cattle-raising the then environment through big aimed clearances of changed and consequently gigantic quantities steam persistently. So completely on the side, the methane - and CO2 climbed with it - salary of the atmosphere.

Picture-proof: Klimafakten, 2004, Ulrich Börner / Hansjörg Streif, S. 84
The steam was also the most important greenhouse-gas in the past with huge effects,
against which the effects of the CO2 were cancelled very moderately, already.
Here represented in correlation to the sun-no-radiation.
The steam is a heat-storage and simultaneously it determines the Albedo of the earth,
the reflection-fortune, 39% at this time. According to former statements, it was 38%.

As well each climate-warming leads to an increase of these two gases because the carbon-household and the methane-output increased themselves while these gases were reduced invariably with each cold-time by more inferior biological activities. Frosted grounds gases as is known from less than warm, biologically highly active grounds. Consequently, we have uncovered the correlation of these gases. They increase or decrease with the respective biological activities in dependence of climbing or falling temperatures.

Picture-proof: Klimafakten, 2004, Ulrich Börner / Hansjörg Streif, S. 107
From the chart goes unequivocally forth that the CO2 - salary with the temperatures
ascended and followed with a postponement with waning temperatures.
This covers the secondary appearance of the CO2 independence of climbing
temperatures unequivocally. The CO2 had to alternatively would first ascend
and the temperatures follow.

Everything would actually already be said with it, can still be determined however, that the steam-household of the earth's atmosphere changes additionally with the sun-no-radiation-quantities and this factor is consequently responsible for the long-periodic climate-alterations. This effect is caused decisive by the track-eccentricity of the earth and has one 100.000 - year old rhythm. At this time, the earth commutes between Perihel and Aphel about 5 millions km, intermittently what itself on up to 12 millions km can widen. The present percentage difference of the distance earth - sun against what it can ascend until on 8% amounts to therefore only 3,3%. From this, quite different radiation-intensities emerge on the earth-surface. The assumption however, that the Präzession of the earth´s axis has an effect climate-effectively, should necessarily be roofed. The seasons alone postpone themselves in the course of a platonic year for one year. This is the only effect of the Präzession because the geographical poles always remain over the rotation-axis of the earth which does itself on the earth-climate therefore in no way noticeable. Locally seen comes it with it to a postponement however, because all 12.000 years is turned in the winter the North-hemisphere in the Perihel to the sun and once the South-hemisphere. At this time, the North-hemisphere stands in the winter in the Perihel and in the summer in the Aphel. Hereby, we have restrained winters and summers on the North-hemisphere, against which it on the South-hemisphere to extreme winters and is called summers comes. After 12.000 years, it will be reverse through what the South-hemisphere is in the advantage then. So the effects only invert themselves what the world-climate cannot really influence however. Except natural, if streams should change through it in serious manner. The middle temperatures should fluctuate however only insignificantly. If one now adds the long-intermittently variable activities of the sun, so this has direct influence on the in-radiation-quantities and with it on the steam-production in the atmosphere, just as on all biological activities, with which the output of the gases CO2 and methane walk around. From this you see the contexts and can now appraise itself, as and through what itself the climate can change

Result: „The alleged greenhouse-gases always increases itself after a temperature-increase and decreases itself with a postponement, because the grounds freeze extensively and remove the biological activities with increasing cold consequently! “

In the astrophysics, much is possible, however, it should always be compatible with the natural conditions.

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