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Gravity solved!

Already much was speculated over it how does the gravity work. And it was one of the documentations on N24 - tv, that wanted to manage clarity here, once again more! Still to it on Good Friday the 2014 April 18. It was represented with the area-time-curvature of the Albert Einstein, because both, therefore as well as the area, also like the time, without in each case the other no continuance should have. Area without time cannot be described, and as well the time without the area! Anyway, it was represented so. And again the somewhat irregular track of the Mercury was troubled in order to substantiate the correctness of this thesis.
Thereupon one remarked that nothing would hold together without the gravity. There were no stars and really no planets. That is absolutely right, however this of everything doesn't explain, like the gravity works and why it is so, as it is. Comes to it that once from gravity and then again from area-time-curvatures the speech is. Consequently, it is a real play of confusion!

And it is even heavier to introduce to itself, like which infinitely many area-time-curvatures should hold together everything.
In accordance with these area-time-curvatures, there could be no galaxies, stars and planets,
because would be torn apart them by the area-time-curvatures.
The inner cohesion of the atoms and molecules would be not sufficient to this!

Let's hold on once however: The area exists only in our idea. As aids, so that it is comprehensible for us, we have devised ourselves certain directions with distance-statements. We have created ourselves the possibility with it to represent something imaginary. We don't admittedly know something it is, but we are capable through it to represent something in our idea with certain measurements. These our ideas are however absolutely empty and as long as nothing is moved in it something itself, it remains pure make-believe.
If something is in such an area however, so we require another intellectual construktion, especially, if this moves something in it. To this, we have invented the time. Nobody can however says something time is! For what we call time, nothing is further to subdivide as any movement-courses into exactly defined other movement-courses. With other words: The course of a process is compared with help of an exactly defined other movement-course in order to determine how often it is contained in it. To this, we use the names seconds, minutes, hours, day and year. And we call this time! As I already emphasized: These are constructions of thoughts so that we find the way around in the reality and can also plan. Thereupon we can arrange it other persons if they use the same units of measurement. These are measurable sizes and consequently no dimensions. all measurable sizes had to otherwise would correspond to dimensions and it gives very many.
I could show you that area can exist alone very probably. We only require the time if something moves in the area. So seen can give it no area-time and really no area-time-curvature! Already once I described that I don't have my ideas bent. And as well I described why the Mercury is subject to particular conditions, that cause its irregular track. Or why the Venus rotates retrograd seemingly.
If no area-time-curvature is responsible for the gravitational-effect however, it must be something else. To this, I have make very grateful some men, who earn itself about the gravitational-theory. The first of those is to you well known all! It is Isaac newton. The now following men, for whom my quite particular thanks is, are far less known. There gives, the Swiss mathematician Nicolas Fatio de Duillier is to be named. Born 1664 February 26. in Basel, died 1753 Mai 12. in Maddersfield at Worchester, source Wikipedia ). This man wanted to support the theory of newton decisive and built accordingly it the gas - theory, to be able to declare a comparable medium the cosmos about the gravity. His implementations were continued by Georges Louis Le Sage and later as the Le Sage - gravity known. Charles F. Brush was just as contributory.
There was to find no possibility proof to then time for the existence of the Gravitones however. Yes itself until today has been practiced this only indirectly. For this reason, and some further, one has discarded this theory and Albert Einstein brought his area-time-curvature to the validity. However like I you would like to show, the already very old theory of the Gravitones was not at all so wrong. Only the prerequisites, with which they went to work, were wrong and because they didn't possess our present-day possibilities at that time!
My representations know you meanwhile, however I would like to specify them at this position: One must know the interactions of the atoms and molecules to it with the Gravitones. You actually know it already. Everything is in the microcosm in wild movement and swings many millions to trillions in the second once. There the question must be allowed from where these tiny particles cover their energy in order to accomplish such performances?

This is to be described with an area-time-curvature in no way!

This is to be described with an area-time-curvature in no way! Let's come to my favorites therefore, that Gravitones! Attempts with neutrons have produced the unambiguous result that also they are influenced by the gravity. Now, I would like to remind of my question: From where do the atomic particles take their energy? It can be supplied only from outside. If we assume that filled the universe with Gravitones is, that even many much smaller than atoms, yes even as electrons and Neutrinos is, so they are to be delivered this energy as single in the situation. They must be so easy in the relationship to electrons, as an electron to our normal matter, because only then it is given that electrons and barionens move in them without problems and can nevertheless cause waves with it.
Thereupon I had represented that the energy-hunger of the atomic particles causes that the Gravitones of them are put on. The reality realizes small little more varied from, the cause shows in bribing simplicity however why it is so. All particles have electric freights. These respond with the neutral Gravitones because a potential-difference, which tries to balance, exists in each case. You all knows this strength! One names it electrostatic attraction! Please they a balloon and rub him at wool. Hold You him into the proximity of Your hair afterwards. The effect immediately becomes visible, because the hair puts themselves and is attracted by the balloon electrically loaded now.
Because this strength is very low, it is not remarkable that the gravity should be the weakest of all strengths in the universe! It is however clear because the potential-difference is between neutral and positive or negatively inferior, as between positive and negative. On the other hand, here is the incredibly high number of particles with their low potential-differences at the work and hereby, it will cause known gravitational-strength of the earth us. There are 1,3432 xes 10 48 particles approximately. That through the big number of particles caused Gravitonens-stream must through our bodies through. The particles offer a certain resistance with it in our bodies of this stream. This resistance is it, that presses us at the earth, in which our weight is seemingly well-founded, because this resistance of the respective quantity also depends particles in our bodies.
I must add necessary manner another explanation what the mass-dependent gravitational-strength involves. It is necessary to it to advance more deeply into the world of the particles. Something is clear to accentuate and secures will have attracted some of you it.
It is with it about the differences between protons, neutrons and electrons! As I had described, equally big freights are in all protons and neutrons like with the electrons. The freight originates with the protons +1 and with the neutrons the freight 0. But views only from outside! If protons and neutrons show the same freight as electrons internally however, the same static attraction had to so would effect all, hereby, they all would be equally heavy. This is not the case however! Protons are 1836-sometimes heavier than electrons and neutrons even 1838,5-sometimes heavier.
In order to be able to explain this, I must accept an experiment, which took place already a long time ago. At that time, they knew only the construction of the atoms in form of protons and neutrons. What was against it in their inside, was still unknown fully.
For this reason, caught protons in a magnet-field were shot with electrons. One determined with it, that an electron of something was deflected in the particles only quite rarely once and these had to would consist mainly of empty area.
With neutrons, the attempt doesn't succeed because a very short half-value-time woos neutrons has and after barely 15 minutes disintegrates. A beta-disintegration occurs with it:

n -> p + e - + e-Neutrino, disintegration after 880,1 + - 1,1 seconds,

this corresponds to a half-value-time of approximately 10 minutes.

But something was in the protons, and, to be able to explain about the different freights of protons and neutrons, they invented a system of the quarks with their different third-freights. This system is acknowledged broadly, but it cannot explain the masses of the protons and neutrons however since these are apparent almost completely empty and the quarks situated in it extremely small must be. These had already to would show the mass-densities of Black Holes and even with it it would be debatable whether the mass of the particles would be caused by them about. Moreover, it is debatable, whether the freights of the quarks correspond to their masses, just like it with the electrons the case should be!? As well it is possible, that big parts of contrary freights are in them and share of it works only one excess outside. There are several possibilities, that are unknown all however, unfortunately.

In this context I would like to remind on it, thies are exclusively theories! With other words:
„It was made matching, but doesn´t can explain however all it!“

Today, the scientists assume it therefore, that there must be another big number of other particles besides the quarks in the protons and neutrons, so that the weight of these particles becomes explicable. All these particles must therefore also carry freights, because the unequally bigger masses are only so and relative their bigger effects, to represent on the gravity.


Already in the 50 to 60 years, they had done attempts with rockets, that were loaded electrostatic. The result was that these rockets fell back one small to the earth little more quickly if their fuel was spent and they fell to the earth back. Obviously, the gravity effected these objects imperceptibly more strongly.

The particles are fed by this weak attraction so to speak and hand over the energy gotten through it in form of movements. These movements cause the electromagnetic waves measured by us. Waves, that stretch in the sea of the Gravitones with speed of light, because this is the specific spread-speed of the waves in the sea of the Gravitones.
Certainly you will now object that some of the subatomic particles work outwardly neutrally. Please don't forget the quarks situated in them, which possess also electric freights, however. Quite broadly even all barionic particles consist of quarks with different freights why the low potential-difference effects all.

Please heed the potential-differences to the different quarks!

Electrons are negatively loaded particles. Protons however possesses equally big positive freights. It works out somewhat more difficult with the neutrons. But also they have freights positive and negative in form of three quarks, through which their freights prove to be neutral outside, in their inner. Since each barionic particles are therefore subject to the strengths of the gravity, becomes clear why the gravity works mass-dependent. Simultaneously, we have explained the resistance in the cosmos working with high speeds with it and as well the escape-force or the negative and positive acceleration-values. Always if we accelerate something, we must overcome the initially-resistance of the Gravitones. Move us we against it evenly, the Gravitones have adapted themselves to our movements meanwhile and offer none considerable opposition more. If we reach speeds of more than 10% speeds of light however, so a resistance of the Gravitones increasing in the square appears continuously because mass must be postponed here. This counter-strength increases until it reaches the same value, that we must find to accelerating, with speed of light precisely. This is the reason why matter cannot move faster than with speed of light. It corresponds to the 3 axiom of the Isaac newton precisely: „A strength always generates an equally big counter-strength!“
Afterall another effect goes on the account of the Gravitones: The expansion of the cosmos! If the Gravitones are converted into electromagnetic waves or mass, so they become fewer through it. The pressure in the universe, if it is about a closed, decreases. Everything removes itself through it of each other. The cosmos expanded! And as our scientists could determine meanwhile, the cosmos even always expands more quickly nascent. Also this is a consequence of the decrease of the Gravitonen. This is no reason to the worry however, because before it occurs, that the stars would go out and everything disintegrates, several billions years will probably still pass. How however still long exact, don`t know nobody. Scientists speak in this context of the Big Rip.
We know that it comes too differently strong currents of the Gravitones. These currents are as we could now see, mass-dependent and they are relatively low in opposite the speed of light. Nevertheless, these currents cause influences of the light on its tracks. We know this of the refraction-appearances, as the Einstein - ring, the Einstein - cross or the refraction-appearances at galaxies. Or with far in the background standing galaxies, that is portrayed sickle-shaped many times. It could be determined unequivocally by spectral-analyses that the same galaxy was portrayed with it many times. The galaxies in the foreground acted in those cases as irregular sharpened lentils and give them far in the background standing galaxies clumsy so and sometimes many times again.
With the Black Holes, the current-speed of the Gravitones is faster or equally against the speed of light. This is the true reason why such objects can hand over no light. Without each medium in the cosmos, the light would be infinitely fast since it is mass-free. If it will escort as waves by a medium however, so it has a specific spread-speed. We know these and call it speed of light with 300.000 km /s on the vacuum covered. On the vacuum, it therefore covered because the speed of light changes medium-conditionally. In glass, plastic and water, yes even in our atmosphere changes the speed of light. It depends with it on the density of the respective medium. If you know the refractive index of a medium one, so the speed of light can be calculated in it.
After I could represent you a big part of the contexts, it is obvious that the Gravitones - theory the right must be, because there are even many further effects, that have described itself with this theory. There are once the Feynman - diagrams, after which can be generated particles through strong electromagnetic waves in the vacuum of the cosmos spontaneously. They are condensed Gravitones. Thereupon faster then speed of light - effects that can take place only at one corresponding medium and others. Especially would like to remind I on the shock waves in the cosmos however. These act as the particles themselves, through which they were generated. The particles become with these events braked on less speeds per 10% light. Against what the shock waves generated by them with speed of light through the cosmos hurries. These shock waves pass accordingly the Feynman - diagrams from compressed Gravitones and has consequently synonymous particle-qualities.

Further hints find you in the index on the mainpage!

We can therefore assume it that we are in the right way and it is about time to resolve some things in the physics. It is very regrettable that the right theories could not immediately establish themselves at that time. It is normally however if several persons work on the same problem that different interpretations occur. Lack's sufficient verifiable-ness, the right theory is often discarded then.
So far however, I could with the Gravitones - theory all me known effects explains and I could show you what is the cause of the gravity and like which arises caused effects through it. Therefore it is necessary to assume that it`s the only applicable theory!

In the astrophysics, much is possible, however, it should always be compatible with the natural conditions.
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