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The longitudinal - waves of gravitation.

In the previous article over the gravitational-waves, I showed you, that with biggest likelihood the „electromagnetic waves “ the so long sought gravitational-waves are. With other words, these are cross-waves, that are generated purely mechanically by moved particles, these however magnetically -, or electrically are loaded. I left frankly with it, whether there are also gravitational-waves in form of longitudinal-waves.
Now - we all it knows that longitudinal-waves are generated by moved particles in a medium. Such waves are shock waves and therefore work into the directions of moves of the particles. Remarkable is at it that itself under certain conditions also elementary-waves like with the sound can yield. Obviously, this doesn't take place in the vacuum of the cosmos so however probably to attribute what to the qualities of the Gravitonens as spread-medium is. Only if bent the waves, broken or is influenced mechanically in other way, it can turn into elementary-waves.
With the sound, it is obvious, because one curving membrane represents itself no linear movement, soundwaves stretch as elementary-waves. Moreover the air has other qualities as the vacuum of the cosmos, because the moleküles of gas repel themselves mutually, because they are surrouded from their electrons outside. So seen must come it under the given circumstances to elementary-waves. As we know however, also these waves leave directed itself under certain prerequisites generates. It comes however with increasing distance to bedding-effects and the waves stretch with it. This also cares about the qualities of the medium air. Nevertheless such a process can be very effective and the sounds are in the right angle therefore and in counter-direction not, or hardly to hear.
In contrast to air-molecules, the Gravitonens must be therefore completely neutral particles, that have admittedly postponed itself easily, but at the side with it hardly effect shows. They behave altogether like a suprafluide liquid with lowest friction. Probably therefore some scientists assume that our universe is a black hole. This should agree also with the determined density in the universe.

„If our universe should really be a black hole,so I would like to notice at this position that we can live in it quite well and seemingly such an object no all devouring monster is! Does the question remain however, why one still looks for black holes within the black hole then!?“

Picture-proof of earth: ESA / NASA
The Gravitonens stream from all directions radial to the center of the earth.
Because of the resistance of our masses, we are pressed by the flux of Gravitonens at the surface of the earth.

Already in other articles I showed you that synonymous waves of accelerated particles are generated. These act as the particles themselves and arrive at the goal with the respective specific wave-speed. Quite differently against it the causal particles! They experience a braking effect, if they itself initially more quickly than with 1 /10 speeds of light moved (> 30.000 km /s). On big distances, differences of the terms emerge opposite the advance-hurrying waves so, that many years until to millions of years can yield. Nevertheless the arriving advance-hurrying waves act as the particles themselves, because it is the mass of the transfer-medium with it involve. Waves simply move the particles of the medium. For this reason, the particles reach us from events from the cosmos with speed of light seemingly. This becomes clear particularly with super-novas. Neutrinoses reach us at the same time with arriving of the light. And also some heavy-ions of such events arrive seemingly with speed of light with us. My conviction is it however, that it is synonymous shock waves, against what the particles many years longer up to their arriving requires. Actually they cannot at all reach us, because the earth is common with the solar system in the time applied meanwhile from the original place already very much far, why we can assign the much late arriving particles to no event more removes the arriving light. Know the vulture from where they come?! Only particles of events, the few light-year distant was, had maybe still assigned itself, but also this is rather unlikely. The shock waves alone, that arrive with the light with us at the same time, can be assigned this way, because arrives they from the same direction as the light with us precisely.
Shock waves go through each suitable medium, completely just like it us with the waves of the Synchrotron - and Tscherenkowradiation described in the previous article was represented. But only the supra-fluide qualities of a suitable medium can explain these directional waves in the vacuum of the cosmos and as well the waves of the entire spectrum of „electromagnetic waves“ that individually occurring as photons.
Even the so incredibly strong and extremely short Gamma - Ray - Bursts, the witnesses of gigantic explosions in the cosmos are, already known waves consist us only of that. A distortion of the space-time is to be recognized through it nowhere and the already in the first article described, shaking disturbances in the stream of the gravity are missing here on the earth as well. Such disturbances would have quite similar effects like earthquakes and prepared big devastations if they existed then. With great thanks we remain spared from it.

But just for the named reasons, it cannot give different create gravitational-waves!

One determined meanwhile, that Gamma - Ray - Bursts of polar jets with super-novas are generated, that with such star-explosions directly in direction of our earth was emitted. With weak and longer prolonged Bursts, we see the Jets of the side under different angles more. This is possible because electrons move spiral-shaped about magnet-field-lines of this Jets and consequently also emit the Jets radiowaves sideways.
Thereupon I would like to point out it that shock waves are well known for a long time in the vacuum and are named as Skalarwaves. Unfortunately, these waves become in the science as good as doesn't mention. Hereby, the longitudinal-waves in the vacuum of the cosmos would be already adequately explained, if there still was not the mass-sluggishness there! How can this be explained? An is certain however: „It passes an interaction between mass and gravity, therefore the particles of gravitation.“

Picture-proof: With friendly authorization of the NASA
Here a Jet at a young proto-star.
The Jet is generated because of the star-rotation through a twisted magnet-field and reaches many light-years far into the cosmos.

And we must now keep an eye exactly on this effect. The gravity presses us with their equally streaming strength at the surface of earth. This happens because we generate a resistance mass-dependent. Let's move now, accelerating into any directions, so we must overcome a comparable resistance what does itself with us through proof - or escapeforce noticeable. We generate shock waves with it in the Gravitonens in each case, which itself with big likelihood over several light-minutes propagates. If our speed is even and linear afterwards, so this resistance vanishes, because the particles of gravitation through their supra - fluidity have adapted themselves to us and exist no further friction-strengths. And as above mentions, a resistance only does itself with even speed > 1/10 speeds of light noticeable. With more inferior speeds, we sense no resistance against it because the supra-fluid Gravitonens move with us.
Now they could think that this is not possible because our surroundings had to would notice something of it through it directly. Is not it so however! Other people therefore notice nothing of it, because much is too low the strengths generated with it in the relationship to the mass of the earth, as that they could have an effect on the immediate surroundings. Only we ourselves are involved from it, because we must move the mass of Gravitonens on gigantic distances with it. This happens to the third newton axiom " actio like reactio accordingly.".
That with it a similar curve at the goal appears, like with the light-waves, lies the matter in the nature. Light-waves generate as we know, sine-curves. Shock waves generate a front-wave with two parallel sine-halves against it ( only in the vacuum ), why they appear to us like particles. It should be therefore very difficult, here, to determine the difference. Both types always spread themselves only with c - specifically. There cannot be speed - effekts faster than light on this occasion! Speed - effects faster then ligth appears only at tunnel-passageways because the waves are reshaped in impulses then and these impulses the medium situated in the tunnel additionally moves. This happens similarly like with electrons in a wire. While the electrons postpone themselves in the wire only about 1 to 2 cm /ses, the push of the electrons among each other almost goes with speed of light. They could interpret also this process as a type tunnel-effect. Originates of course on this occasion in accordance with the resistance of the respective wire losses, why the speed of light is not reached.

Picture-proof: selfmade
A shock wave in the vacuum behaves like a particle, however without sideways waves to create,
because it induces itself through a supra - fluidity medium.

Here an example:
The strength of the gravity is incredibly low. Two aircraft carriers on the sea in a distance of one kilometer get dressed mutually exactly with approximately two grams. The mass of a human being is however many times more inferior, why with normal movement-courses, positive - or negative accelerations, these strengths itself not on the surroundings can have an effect. Either gigantic masses, crazy speeds or unbelievable accelerations would be necessary to it.
In quite similar manner, we can generate artificial gravity in that we move on a fast orbit. The escapeforce appearing with it is further than a cross-acceleration nothing and has an effect in same manner mass-dependent on the everywhere existing Gravitonens. If only because of that they could determine no difference in former time between gravity, escapeforce and acceleration because all are mass-dependent these effects and after the same legalities is calculated. They knew that a direct context had to exist here. And as I could show you with this article, it can also be described.
Behind all it is, as I believe, an incredibly reasoned construct, which can be based on coincidences on no account. Only because it is in all matters so, it can work at all.

Result: „An universe of so many coincidences cannot give it!“

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