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My (our) Universe!

In this article, I represent you a version of my universe! This version is a theory, that is based on many facts and comes the reality certainly very near. However it should serve the stimulation and should raise no claim on wholeness. This would be too presumptuous from me. On the other hand I am determined with it in good way even if I cannot deliver the cosmologig answer on the beginning of the universe. But whoever already could that? It plays no role for us whether it was a creation or a formation. The fact of the existence alone is important, because from it results our own existence and we can questions create!
Already several times, I had pointed different effects of the gravity out to you, however now, I would like to represent them the total-conception. You will recognize in it, that everything can actually work and no questions remain open.
To this, I have to leads go back you in the 18. and start of the 20. Century. In the years 1747 until 1756, George's Louis le Sage created the theory of the Gravitons. This should be the cosmos filling particles, that around-flew everywhere and should practice pressure on each matter. It was assumed with it that a shadow-zone originates between two matter-accumulations. The objects drive together for this reason. This theory is not durable so because it doesn't take different processes into account. For example it doesn't explain as stars and planets can originate if there are still no matter-accumulations and the whole area would be filled only with Gravitons. As well, it doesn't explain the mass-dependent gravity.
Despite these facts, this theory has nevertheless led to it that I moved it in consideration, albeit under somewhat changed prerequisites. It appeared with it, that it had to be about neutral particles, because if the whole filled universe possessed an electric freight, it had to so would expand infinitely because the particles repel themselves with same freights mutually and could react them only with one contrary freight in the subatomic particles on the other hand. If the Gravitons are however neutral, so they can as well as with negative, just as positively loaded particles respond. And as I had already described, a difference potential exists between different freights, which, even if low, works attractively. This attraction is even more inferior between neutral and negative or positive freight why the gravity in the universe is the weakest of all strengths! To it it comes that these attractions effect only very small surroundings. They amount to only little electrons-volt difference.
Afterall once back in the 20. Century. To that time period about 1920, Albert Einstein and his decisive colleagues created then the philosophy today current for us. Formerly these men were also of the opinion that there must be one all padding medium in the universe so that the waves of the light and all other waves of the electromagnetic wave-spectrum could stretch in the cosmos. The attempts of Michelson and Morley could prove no medium however relating to this, why they discarded this theory and this, although Albert Einstein had claimed:

„An energy-transference is not possible without matter!“

He stated with it that each waves to their spread require a suitable medium. Only on the basis of the gone wrong attempts, to prove such a medium, was he forced zu act. On this occasion he got the idea that the gravity could be a quality of the area, through which it is bent. His many area-time-curvatures were based on these considerations then. A remarkable, but not very logical and comprehensible idea. This interpretation came argue the science, because it had something, which could not understand everyone. On the other hand would be clear to everyone that waves could move through a medium.
Anyway, Albert Einstein was respecting a medium formerly completely right, because the present-day scientists assume it again that it as well as „dark matter “like also „dark energy “gives, what nothing other means, that only the names were altered.
Now - in certain respects puts a medium streaming everywhere in matter-objects, like the streamings of Gravitons also area-curvatures. For this reason, Albert Einstein keeps properly restricted. His ingenuity was just that his descriptions always applied in certain respects albeit he didn't directly clearly represent it. With him, like also with me, the light is deflected by these area-curvatures (currents), because it is the medium to the spread of that „electromagnetic waves “, therefore the light. - And as I could represent you already earlier, these waves are also purely mechanical waves, that can be influenced through no electric or magnetic fields. - These waves they have all only influenced with mechanical methods and also alter like all other waves, their specific speed in media with different densities.
For this reason, the light coming to us is deflected negligibly by the currents of Gravitons if it passes distant stars or Galaxies. Hereby, the known effects originate, like the Einstein - ring, or that Einstein - cross and similar distortions from far in the background standing Galaxies, if their light comes at Galaxies standing in the foreground to us.
On the other hand the light tires and therefore becomes red - postponement, if it takes its way over distances of millions to billions light-years to us because it must move the mass of the many Gravitons on its way. This becomes with at biggest likelihood an expansion of the universe fakes. Always if waves move through a medium come it to red - postponement in that the wavelengths are stretched. Moreover, mass must induce becomes. This mass makes itself noticeable if big distances will go through.
Another worrying effect originates if the Gravitons are bound in the many matter-accumulations in the universe. I would like to name this process condensation of the Gravitons. Right they are taken in pressure and are changed with it into heat if they are pulled in by the electrostatic attraction into the matter-accumulations. With it interconnected would be a decrease of the Gravitons in the universe, through which the gravity decreases in the course of the millions to billions years. This is a process, that is not verifiable for our short life-span. For the universe, this process has consequences however, because all objects remove themselves through it inevitably of each other since the attractions decrease between the objects. This means however in no way that the universe itself must therefore extend only because the static pressure reduces in it.
With the Hubble - constant we can describe, why the objects remove themselves of each other. The moon of the earth removes itself after it about 3 cm to 4 cm annually and our earth of the sun about circa 6 cm. Last-named value is correct thoughtfully, because it doesn't correspond exactly to the Hubble - constant of circa 72 km +-3 km / Mpc.
First star with accordingly bigger masses, fusion-processes can find on the basis of their inside-temperatures. To it is necessary over 100 million Kelvins. In our sun, only barely 15 millions Kelvins are in the kernel-area. In this kernel-area, however predominantly heavy elements and helium are, these require much higher temperatures for fusions. Although our scientists of it go out, that fusions should nevertheless take place through so-called tunnel-effects, they determined that there is a radiation-deficit at our star why the handed over radiation-quantity cannot be explained by fusion-processes alone. How the value of the handed over radiation-quantity comes into existence, was not represented until today. There were several explanation-bases for it however: It should be responsible soundwaves for it, or turned magnet-fields, if they collapse.
Let's come to the stars now, that can generate no fusion-processes of the majority and nevertheless partly exist much longer than our sun. Already for our star I could represent you that no fusions can take place in it and the sun must generate its radiation-energy in other way. It is with the red and brown dwarf-stars even much showier. All they should become much older than our sun. As I could report in the previous edition of our club-magazine "cosmos tidings" on the star Kepler 444, this star should already exist 11,2 billion years. The problem with it is that no fusions can run out in even smaller stars as our sun at all. From where these stars therefore get their energy, that they lets the many billion years shining. This question has not yet answered us the science and it is to be been afraid that it doesn't can it. Quite differently however in my universe, in which the matter gets their energy through the inpouring Gravitons. To it it comes that so small stars generate a comparably more inferior sun - wind, through which less electrons goes lost. Their kernels load themselves through it much more slowly statically positively and only now and then strong discharges occur the kernel-area charged in the millions of years. These outbreaks are however huge then because the smaller masses of these stars can counter the huge inside-pressure of less resistance. Their brightness climb short-term on the hundred then - until thousand-compartment of their normal brightness. Seen at the 2008 april 25 finally in unbelievable strength in the constellation lizard in only 16 light-years distance. It was about the red dwarf EV Lacerta or Gliese 873, that showed the biggest registered outbreak of a red dwarf until then. This star should still be very young and its age should amount to only 300 millions years. Its brightness amounts to exactly 1% of the sunbathe-brightness and he has only 0,35 sunbathe-masses. Loudly statements of scientists were known strong radiation-outbreaks such only from neutron - stars until now.
Also on this occasion, turned magnet-fields should have caused the radiation-outbreak by short - circuits.
It is therefore much better at stars of the size of our sun, that hands over their freigth - overload in smaller kernel-explosions again and again, which doesn't mean however that spares we on eternity of a giga - flare remains.
For our earth, such an outbreak would have ominous effects! Species of over 90% become last the consequence and it many million years until the life could establish itself on the earth again.
Let's come to the beginning of our universe now. It would be presumptuous to claim, it would have been so, however something truly completely at the start existed, nobody can know, because no one has seen it. It gives speculations and theories enough, nevertheless I would like to add a variation, that can actually have taken place.
Something must have led to it that there was a gigantic mass at the start completely and was filled the young universe with Gravitons therefore around. They could almost regard it as a cosmic egg. In the middle a yolk and therefore a cover from protein. That of all sides of inpouring Gravitons held that yolks in form.
The Gravitons streaming to the mass, with which they could not plunge all into the mass however, were put on since they were loaded through electric and magnetic fields of the mass and were emitted at their Poles as a result. It came hereby to first compressions of the loaded particles now and first atoms and other kernel-components originated. Long-term the gravitational-strength decreased through it in the young universe more and more because Gravitons were baked to such particles more and more. This went so far until the pressure of the Gravitons had removed so strongly that the origin-mass disintegrated into many fragments. It was possible manner no big bang but sooner a ruin of the outer layers, because could not be bound it by the gravity longer. Had to dissolve the nascent central mass ever smaller now as a result, because the constant less nascent gravitational-strength did a remainder.


„I assume it that since the beginning of the universe, itself the gravity in the way described above about circa 50% has reduced!“

This corresponds also to a news of scientists of the South-observatory in Chile. They determined that the radiation-energy has halved itself in the last billions years in the universe. One has measured over 200.000 Galaxies to this study!
The process described by me continued in the following billions years and the fragments disintegrated into ever smaller parts, that removed itself with further decrease of the gravity of each other. This process continued in the following billions years and the fragments disintegrated into ever smaller parts, that removed itself with further decrease of the gravity of each other. These fragments were the kernels of the Galaxies emerging from it, because ever further the gravity decreased, these so-called „Black Holes “ could so to speak evaporates and further matter originated in form of kernel-particles, from which the first stars originated. It lasted 2 to 4 billions years until this way the first Galaxies could originate.
As direct proof is to be looked at for this: Scientists determined, that the universe expanded initially more slowly and runs out in the course of the following billions years this expansion more and more quickly. This is comprehensible if the density of the Gravitons decreases, in which is bound in mass more and more.
In the cosmos-tidings winters 2014 / 2015 still reported I on side 8 of a Galaxy relatively young, which was just now discovered by our scientists. In it is a „Black Hole “ which approximately 15% of the total-mass of this Galaxy should amount and in the relationship to the size of the Galaxy many too big is! They had no explanation for it, as itself a so big „Black Hole “ in a so small and still to it especially young Galaxie could form. The time was simply to short for it after scientific standards and model-bills!

Another news regarding this picture took place on the 13 May 2015 in the Internet under : https//öse-art-sternhaufen
Remark: but this article is only in german
In a giant - galaxy, astronomers of the European South-Observatory (ESO) have discovered a new type of star-pile. The star-piles look like normal star-pile. They comprise however much too much mass respecting their brightness. Many ball-star-piles are under it, that are among the oldest objects in the universe. They have almost survived the whole development of galaxies until today.
With the VLT (Very Large Telescope) in Chile, they found first of the described objects with the giant - galaxy Centaurus À. Centaurus À is that of the Milky way next to situated ellyptically giant - galaxy.
One assumes that either big shares are in the star-pile at dark matter, or that big Black Holes exist there. The gravitational-effects alone showed that such hides in them.

Reference: Centaurus A from Franz - Josef Gilles in Namibia with 8 " newton + coma-proof-reader

Both possibilities are a puzzle for the scientists however!
With the processes described by me above, this is to be explained however easily. It had after it no gigantic „Big Bang“ given but it was rather a multiple disintegrating to more small pices. From there the galaxies have originated in many billion years. Meanwhile, one determined that itself in each bigger Galaxie an immense „Black Hole “decides. Some of it very actively influence their surroundings. So therefore, it can have happened! What withstood it however, nobody can really say. Anyway it is measured to assume that everything should have originated from a concentrated mass in the size of a proton. The area of the universe was anyway already existing, because the young universe should extend in what. Had to therefore there have been an even much bigger paramount area. In this paramount area, there could be even even wide universes then. We will however never bring this in experience. Already our universe is not clear for us!
However as always the best to the end:
"In our, my, universe is no one „dark energy “and also no one „dark matter “ necessary, because the Gravitons comprise this energy and mass likewise. If their middle density decreases in the course of the eons, so all objects must remove themselves in the universe of each other inevitably, why no one „negatives energy “is required.
As well, no antimatter is necessary! In this universe, there are only the neutral masses and positively or negatively loaded masses. All reason-prerequisites are met with it! If positrons, positively loaded electrons, or anti-protons (negatively loaded protons) can be generated therefore actually, so they are against the nature and neither necessary nor long existent.
Our universe is thought through really very well and all in it only therefore works because it is constructed so elegantly - or became! - One assume the present-day assumptions however, so that already move at the farthest distant galaxies with faster speed of us, as which the light. So that the universe would have to itself at its periphery with more speed as light however, or what is not comprehensible prolongs even with multiple speed of light."

And then the question is still there: „Who has that „cosmic egg “created?“
This resembles the question: „Something was first, the hen or the egg?"

We have arrived at the start again, because either somebody had to the egg, or the hen manages, so that the universe could take its start.

- „Quite immediately from which side we it views, we always come to the same result!“ -

In the astrophysics, much is possible, however, it should always be compatible with the natural conditions.

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