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Activ and inactive cores of Galaxies.

Already in some similar articles I showed as the buildings of jets of active Galaxies occur and that there is far more inactive Galaxies beside the active Galaxies. This is more remarkable, because there are seemingly after new realizations in all Galaxies central-area, or cores exist, that consist of many million sunbathe-masses.
In what are the differences therefore to be seen whether such an object now behaves active or inactive? This can obviously still answer nobody. Their formation is just as unclear. According to the statement of Mr. Professor Harald Lesch at the 11. March 2009 in his program alpha Centauri, the cores of Galaxies hadn`t enough time to their formation, if one the Big Bang - theory presupposes. From this, another horizon-problem emerges, which against the Big Bang - theory speaks.
Quite like what one now still will find out, following fact exists: The cores of Galaxies must already have existed from outset of each Galaxy. For this reason, I had written in another article that the Galaxies have possibly developed from indoors out itself. This admits two possibilities. Either, the cores worked as condensation-germs and the stars refined about them around, or the cores were much mass-more richly formerly and the stars refined through the disintegration of the cores what would be too worth against the theory of the black holes however. Therefore, the first-named process is probably applicable. One can derive from it that the gravity accelerated the far distributed matter to the cores and these to the formation of the stars refined and contributed. The present-day appearances of the Galaxies occurred for it in the course of the millions to billions years. Moreover, this could explain the gigantic empty-areas between the clouds of Galaxies, which can have expansion up to 150 million light-years. They are occur largely matter-freely and only few Galaxies are be located as misdirected persons in it.

It is therefore possible that the small irregular - and Dwarf-Galaxies itself still in the formation-phase decides. With the big Magellan`s cloud, the base already refines to a Bar-Galaxy. It can be therefore good that this Dwarf-Galaxy increases in several billions years to a big Bar-Galaxy.
Frequently it has occurred however that Dwarf-Galaxies were swallowed by bigger before they themselves could increase accordingly. Consequently, they could contribute only to the growth of that already much bigger.
Quite differently, it seems to be at the ball-star-piles. Their lack the cores with gigantic masses obviously and even if they should have which, these are relatively small. For this reason, they remain for always ball-star-pile well.
However back to the cores of Galaxies. Why are their active or inactive? In our Milky way, we even immediately have two cores. It is about Sagittarius À - west and A - east. East is possible manner a caught core of a former Dwarf-Galaxy, or the rest one super-novae. The scientists assume from both that it is about black holes.
I would now like to describe you a scenario, which causes an active core of a Galaxy. Assume once please, a Dwarf-Galaxy is forced gravity by a big Spiral-Galaxy into it to cross her. The two kernel-areas come themselves in our hypothetical case with it very near. Since the density of stars is very dense in both kernel-areas once, inevitable interactions occur. Stars and planets are rent or collide together. This forms the prerequisites about the Accretions-disks around the two black holes and to supplement constantly. It becomes free huge energies, that lead over the poles of the objects to building of Jets, with it, completely just like I it in other reports already has represented.

As well, it could have been a ball-star-pile or also only an open star-pile. It only depends with it how much mass stands by this effect to the disposal in it. And the more mass can be changed with it in energy, the core of the Galaxy is all the more active. Additionally from meaning is the time period, over which the effect is gotten up. It determines the length of the activity. This can last several millions of years. The moment comes anyway someday where no supplies must take place more and must possibly wait the central-region hundred millions to billions years again until a comparable object of the Galaxy can be swallowed again.

As we had already determined, a very quiet duet is in our Milky way. It is so well that before many millions, or one to two billions years a comparable process in it has taken place. After no supplies took place at matter more however, the two central-areas calmed down and wait practically for their next opportunity in order to become active again.
This all reminds me at volcanos in certain respects. We know, that they become active someday again, we know only not when!

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