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What is dark matter and dark energy?

In order to be able to answer this, one must first know to understand what by it is and why it was introduced by the science. Fact is same it, that the visible matter in the universe has only a quite low share and hidden us the most remains. That must still be somewhat existing there, was already determined at the movements of Galaxies. Only if one much more mass in and about the Galaxies assumes, their movements can be explained. However after one that „dark matter“, Omega named, had introduced, they determined on the other hand that the now existing mass still was not enough with wide in order to explain all processes in the universe.
For this reason, nothing other remained to introduce as another factor, that „dark energy “, that cosmologic constant lambda of Albert Einstein. Only with the insertion of lambda into the formulas finally vanished the tiresome infinity-value in the results. It was assumed however that one of the gravity will practice counteracting strength, with which the even accelerating expansion of the universe could be explained, hereby. This was questioned by several scientists meanwhile because there are absolutely other explanations for this.

Darkness will therefore name these two components because they could admittedly prove their effects, not however the causes themselves. It passes no possibility for us until now to prove also only one of these components directly. So, it is about purely theoretical models then. In other words: For it was fitted the requirements! One has determined anyway that the visible mass amounts in the universe to only approximately 3/1000. Approximately 30% are still allotted to the dark matter and further 70% on the dark energy. Whether this relationship is however conclusive, cannot be clarified so. Also on this occasion, it is about pure assumptions. Really taken is 3‰ observable stuffs of only the degrees of a contamination opposite the total-mass of the universe.

If one now considers, that Albert Einstein abolished the so named ether after the failed attempt of Michelson and Morley, so it is remarkable that we are confronted with the concepts named above today where the cosmos must make do completely without medium for the spread of electromagnetic waves however. There, one places itself the question spontaneously:

„Something it now exists in the universe of everything truly still and gives this medium to the spread of the electromagnetic waves approximately however? “

To answer this won't be easy, however waves always need a medium, because an is certain: We have it with that „electromagnetic waves “, to do not with electric or magnetic fields, but it is mechanical waves purely. They on a manner, with which magnetic and electric fields involve, originate however not contents of the waves it is since they can be influenced through such in no way if they are first then on the way.

"In principle, all variations of waves leave themselves, also that of the light, only purely mechanically influences!"

Consequently the name of these waves is alone already a misinterpretation and admits completely wrong conclusions. That it is about purely mechanical waves, do I have in the report „something is really light? “already described. The result of mechanical waves purely that necessitates a medium to the spread however necessarily and now receives here „dark matter “and „dark energy “a new weight. Something of it will certainly be effective as medium. One consider namely that the effects of these forms of matter and energy are known, but one unfortunately not exactly white about what it itself on this occasion deals, so the speculations and it begin is left on the part of the science for the time being frankly with what we have to do it. At all names or characters are sound and smoke and don't always declare the exact description!

It is now in the aforementioned case so that each matter represents also a form of energy simultaneously and energy is a form of matter vice-versa. This already covered Albert Einstein with his formula E = mc 2. It is with it about a relativistic formula and it comprises the theoretical value of the energy from matter if this is changed completely in energy we could succeed with what however only with matter and antimatter.

Consequently, it actually plays no role whether we it „dark matter “or „dark energy“ names. We have more possibly manner to do it even only with one single form of medium.
If this should be the case, so I plead for the Gravitonens theoretical until now purely as „dark matter “and „dark energy “in the universe, what I in my book „It becomes light! “already described. The Gravitonens would be not only the ideal medium for the „electromagnetic waves “but can explain each effects adequately. Moreover an attempt has shown with neutrons that also the atomic particles lose the laws of the gravity same manner, like our normal masses.

With the Gravitonens, the alleged leaves itself „space-curvature“, that diffuse of the waves, the final speed of the light, the aberration of the light, the red-postponement explain with gigantic distances and much more. Everything would behave with it according to the Mach´s laws and I would like to add that Ernst Mach and many other scientists opponent of the today existing theories of area-curvature and particular relativity were seriousness. Yes even the constant burning of stars over time periods of billions years is explicable through a flow of Gravitonens. The sunbathe-core condenses namely constantly because ever heavier elements become enriched in it and the core temperature, which applies to all other stars as well, climbs consequently constant. Nevertheless remains constant the radiation of energy over gigantic time periods largely. Here, the expansion of the universe comes the carries that is certainly generated by the decrease of the density of Gravitonens. Because this must become inevitably more inferior if the universe extends and because the Gravitonens are used simultaneously. For this reason, the universe even must accelerate through the decrease of the density of Gravitonens, what could also be proven unequivocally prolongs. Gravitonens become constant in the matter in pressure and wandered with it in heat. Therefore in energy, that is emitted constant in form of waves. Here, also the principle of the constant flowing energy is to be seen outgoing for the production of each wavelengths of the atomic-particles. Only so, these are capable to share waves over long time periods evenly. Is also consequently explicable, come like the puzzling constant emitting radiation-energy of the big gas-planets of Jupiter and Saturn about. They emit essentially more energy, as they from the sun gets. As well it is known that the stars emit much more energy, as they through amalgamation-processes generates. At least for stars like our sun was determined this
You are able to tell by it, this medium would be virtually ideal in order to explain everything in the universe. With the Gravitonens, we would have a medium, which does justice to all claims, and the Gravitonens are mass and energy simultaneously:

„The original - energy of the universe!“

Nevertheless, one must distinguish between two types of the energy in principle. It is the wave-energy once, that itself in the medium original - energy the tied energy extends and there is still in form of smallest particles, the Gravitonens.
The sunbathe-neutrinos are a beautiful example: These are so small and numerous that us per cm 2 in each second approximately 50.000 of them crossing, to generate also without only the lowest interaction with our bodies. Yes itself our earth crossing most of them, without to be met with a resistance. One now assumes that the Gravitonens even essentially more lesser and also more numerous are, so we can imagine them as suitable medium well. Exactly they are not only for the gravity for the inertia with positive and negative accelerations responsibly but also.

And if there were the black holes, so here would be their flow rate at the event-horizon as bearers of the light-waves, to the object, like which the light. Hereby the light could stretch from the object no longer because it would have the same speed.
However I have already declared in my report over black holes another solution for it why the light could not stretch from such objects. It plays no role however which effect applies on this occasion since there probably are not these objects. I emphasize:
„They are theoretical objects purely and you can a lot of inexplicable theories in-fits!“

Important, to mention, still remains the pressure-theory of the gravity, against which the Newton`s gravity of an attraction goes out.

A very beautiful and detailed report appeared 9 months after my book-publication in PM 2/2003 P.22 Fs... with different titles. Beginning with the „pressure-theory of the gravity: There is no attraction!“ But I don't know whether you can get it in English.

The stimulation to this was certainly my book, which I had sent Mr. Peter Ripota. Something has now both for itself, because as I described, a flow of Gravitonens consists matter of direction. The Gravitonens become consequently through low pressure in the matter attracted. We people are against it on the earth in the suction of the current and are pressed by them on the earth. One must distinguish therefore in principle whether one itself causes the flow of Gravitonens, or is. This alone is crucial for the strength-vector. Also our bodies generate a flow of Gravitonens in each case, however the strengths emerging with it are to be neglected in the relationship to the earth-power since they are too weak much. Originator this pressure-theory is Georges Louis le Sage, 1747 / 1756,: „gravity originates through the pressure of around-flying particles everywhere.“
So they assumed at that time that a shadow-zone of the around-whizzing particles originates between two objects. Hereby, the pressure becomes more stronger than between the objects, through which they strive toward one on top of the other, from outside. This is not illogical, the strength of the gravity doesn't explain however unfortunately in mass-dependence.

Particularly with the qualities like mass, density, transparency, consistency and the operations of such a medium, I have dealt as private-researcher. The results were truly astonishing. The combination of all considerable factors was however virtually immense in the entire universe if one implies a medium from Gravitonens. I would like to emphasize: The model of Gravitonens doesn't come from me, however I can approve it with good conscience. Creator of the Gravitonens is Hideki Yukawa (1935): „strengths originates through the exchange of particles. In this case from so named Gravitonens. “one it went out with all strengths in the universe of it at that time that they are transferred by change-particles which its entitlement absolutely has.

In the astrophysics, much is possible, however, it should always be compatible with the natural conditions.

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