©2004 author: Michael Köchling

The definition of the area and the dimensions!

You certainly don't expect any newness and probably this is a very boring topic for you anyway. Because that is why, you should go further and read this topic.

As bases, we possess extensive geometry - knowledge. With its help, we want to determine what an area is. General bases are length, width and height, which are regarded as dimensions by us. However what are dimensions?
A point, so small, that it doesn't have any room to expand in any direction. This is the first serious difficulties with it, even if we want to imagine a line without lateral expansions. We have even three lines of this type, they give you the directions, as there is a straight, that x (axis), a second straight in the right angel to it - the y - axis, and a third straight, which stands vertically on the intersection of the two other straights, that z - axis.

With the first straight we can specify different distances, or into the intended endlessness . If we now take the y - axis to it and proceeds in same manner. We are capable with it to determine the length and width, with what a surface could be calculated. But still we don't have any surface. Only when we add a countered congruent structure, we get what we call a surface.

It is a completely even, intended surface. There is not such a surface in nature! In nature everything is moving and not completely even.
Take now the from z - axis to our two lines in the right angel, so we get an axis cross, which expels length, width and height into the three dimensions. We still don't have a area on this occasion we have only one coordinate cross. And only when we join three countered congruent coordinates cross , or in other words when we mirror the existings cross, we get an intended area with expansions of our ideas. Additionally, we get 6 outer areas with it.

It certainly is superfluous to point it out that there cannot be also such an area in nature. All something we as areas know, exists exclusively in our ideas. For what we call on the other hand areas colloquially, bodies are almost all out of different materials. We can represent these with our spatial ideas of the three dimensions and can measure.
Let's now come to the big area (universe), in which there is no body, so it becomes unequally difficult define area , because it is seemingly empty. Even worse! A new component arrives, because what is an empty area? Yes even if bodies were statically in this area. Whether the area is there or not existing, does this make any difference. Only when the new component comes into force, we can experience something.
It is about movement! It awakens everything to life. Without movement, we could perceive nothing at all because everything remains invisible for us, because first the many vibrant electrons, atoms and molecules lets the objects become visible for us. Suddenly, we have many moving bodies (areas) to do with, which move relatively and at differently speeds to each other.
But it gets even worse! With movement we hear for the first time the phenomenon "time" . As long as there is no movement, it was not necessary. Strangely I have not found a sensible representation of the time. Everybody knows the meaning of “Time”, we handle it without hesitation daily, without even thinking about it, what is Time really. My previous definition of time was that we compare different movement courses together and call this time. Only one continuation can always take place never one pre it.
We should now must wonder whether these two last-named components are also dimensions of the area.
This can be excluded with biggest certainty, because the movements are relatively to each other and in such a big area like the universe, it is hardly detectable, who or what movers and how fast. Relatively movements to assumed reference points can be calculate, without taking into account the movements of the reference points.
"The course of time" is something different. It can’t be constant because it runs out faster or more slowly depending on the mass, (lots of times Albert Einstein). in so-called "black holes", in the questionably “Black Holes“ they even come to a halt (particular relativity theory). In other words: in such objects, there is not any time because they should represent areas without all internal exercise. Therefore, time as bulk can not be correctly measured!
All this sounds amazing. We have always assumed that exactly time runs steadily. Finally we experience it daily and cannot perceive any alterations subjectively.

We must come to terms with it:
The "movement" and the "time" are no dimensions,
but effects within or outside from areas
(bodies, matter accumulations).

This is without question plausible, because you have certainly noticed it l: The "area" exists only in our ideas and with our ideas, we can assume different sizes in differently shaped areas. Of course the nature already pretends an infinite number of different forms, however these only exist on the basis of our perceptions. These are represented as bodies (areas) by our brain. However at first there are movements of electrons and atoms they generates waves, through that the bodies become visible to us. At all, only through it, they become real for us. If we push however unexpectedly against another body, so it becomes even much more real for us and can cause us even pains.
Pains therefore, because the body can have a quite different energetic condition in the comparison to us. It can be much colder or warmer than we and it has an essentially higher solidity and mass than we. You see, on top of that there are multiple diverse factors. Can one can identify these factors as dimensions, or it simply only different qualities. Are the dimensions ,t length, width and height also only certain qualities, which can be varied as well, like all other qualities? What are dimensions?
Per definition, the "dimension" is a measurement, expansion or measurable size and there are many of them. Therefore, there are incredibly many dimensions! Just as many, as there are measurable sizes!
If scientists therefore speaks of calculating with 11 to 20 dimensions, please do not get confused. It is nothing further than measurable sizes, so-called factors. Certainly, this has nothing to do with oversized areas.

I find: " The physics is something wonderful and alive!
However the interpretations partly cause me uneasiness"!

©2004 author: Michael Köchling

In the astrophysics, much is possible, however, it should always be compatible with the natural conditions.

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