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The differential Modulation galaxy rotations.

I would like beginnings with a quotation over the gravitational-alteration in the matter: " The strength of the gravity only changes in the matter, it indicates that it is dependent on the specific quality of the respective matter. It decreases only after the exit in the square to the distance again or to. "
Comment: Unfortunately I can declare no source to this since I had written down only the text many years ago.
The above statement seems a certain helplessness to return however. Whether one has no research-results to this really, questions I strongly.
The different rotations of the galaxies concerning it must become say that the science already seeks since more than three hundred years after a solution, with which one cannot state, why galaxies rotate like disks. Against what they after that gravitational - and Kepler`s laws indoors very quickly and outwardly always more slowly nascent, the gravitation-centre circulations would have to. Actually, everything should like in our solar system runs.
In it circulations the inner planets the sun very quickly and the farther a planet is, all the slow turn around it the sun.
They began therefore already to doubt our natural laws, however I can assure you: " It is everything with them in best order !"
As represented in the quotation, the gravity decreases with proportionally increasing distance of the object in the square. How does it look within the matter however?
How does the gravity behave in a planet like our earth for example?
Let's penetrate earth into the body from the surface downward simply an and observes the gravity changed like itself.
Many will suspect, that the strength of the gravity will now ascend in direction of the middle of the earth, is not however him so.
Initially hardly anything does itself notably and the strength of a g remains almost constant on the first kilometres. However then, it happens:
The strength decreases imperceptibly and with proportionally waning distance to the centre of the earth, the gravity also becomes weaker almost proportionally in order finally to reach the value zero at the centre.
This effect is certainly already known, however I have still found nothing written over it. Maybe because they didn't consider it for important, or I not the right hints found.
Let's look therefore, like this effect about something comes and causes it.
The further we therefore advance into the inside of the earth, the gravitational-strength, which still influences us, becomes all the more inferior.
The reason for it begins with it that we let matter behind us with the penetration into the earth more and more and this matter also generates gravitational-strength, that moves into the opposite direction. And additionally the mass lying before us decreases. We have arrived at the centre then, so the entire mass of the earth is about us around and moves into all directions outside evenly. Hereby, we are exactly in the centre of all equally-big working strengths, from which emerges for us the value zero, outside.
If you now look at the first chart, so you can understand the gravitational-alteration easily. Is to be taken into account however, that the earth has a spherical shape and consists additionally from different matter. The stated formula is therefore to be used as approximation. Nevertheless, it shows the strength-course impressively.

This model has consequences however: " "It comes for each material accumulations and singles-objects into force, in principle!"

Also the stars belong and of course the galaxies, yes even the universe, although all these objects represent no solids. And as additional effect, this cause leads to the different rotations of galaxies, because the gravity always effects all matter-accumulations in the edge-area the most strongly because the entire mass of the object is on the opposite side.
Here, the strengths work no longer after the general alone confessed gravitational - and Kepler`s laws with their outwardly waning strengths, albeit these partially participate. However only on the nearer surroundings of individual objects covered.
A method, which has calculated the until now unknown rotation - behaviour, is us given with it. However, the different volumes and densities of the disk-shares must be taken in the formula into account on this occasion. The different circulation-speeds can be calculated with the gravitational-strengths calculated through it.

It now can You discretion, that no new natural laws are necessary in order to be able to represent this matter-holding back, but that of everything according to the adequately known laws of the classic physics runs out.
To this as direct proof, a process is too worth in the cosmos: It is the relationship of spiralgalaxies in dependence of their distances on the pile-centre. It must turn say that the galaxies have organized themselves in the cosmos into so-called pile and super-pile. Also our galaxy hears 30 galaxies to a pile, that we name the " pubs group " and comprise it, approximately. However only our Milky way and the Andromeda - Galaxy is the dominant big galaxies in this pile. All others are essentially smaller and belong mainly to the irregular galaxies with relatively low total-masses. The two first described are against it among the big spiralgalaxies.
One could determine already 1980 by scientists that the frequency of the spiralgalaxies changes in dependence of their distances on the pile-centres. On this occasion, it is about the galaxies-distribute in so-called super-pile. The spiralgalaxies are strongly represented with it in the edge - and method-areas of the galaxy-pile. It turns to into the pile-centres however more and more less and in the centres themselves, exclusively elliptical and spherical galaxies are to be found. And also in the most outer outskirts takes after further outdoors the spiralgalaxies again from and one meets increased on elliptical again - and irregular galaxies. This is direct effects of the gravitational-effect described by me!

With the formation of the galaxies-pile from gigantic contracting and slowly rotating clouds from the historic gas hydrogen (75%), helium (24,9%) and lithium, under 0,1%), the same mechanics caused the rotation of the galaxies also here. The gravity works the most strongly in the outskirts of the piles and the galaxies became like Flettner-rotors, sees illustration 3, moulded and in rotation moved, because they were. Such Flettner-rotors certainly knows you, stands them as advertisement-bearers before many businesses however and rotates in the wind.

The gravitational-current decreases to the method-area then continuously and can always bring less big galaxies in spiral-form, through which the irregular -, elliptical and spherical galaxies again more strongly is represented. In the centre, there is hardly another rotation-impulse through gravitational-current, through which only finding the elliptical and spherical galaxies is, against it.
An additional effect still comes with it into force. There where the gravitational-strength works the most strongly, namely in the edge-districts of the galaxies, the strongest star-formation-areas are. In our Milky way, this is very clearly recognizable. Exactly in the spiral-arms of the middle and expresses area we meet at the biggest star-formation-areas, against which recording hardly anything in the centre in this sense is. Completely in the opposite to it gives it obviously only old, metal-poor stars in the centres of the galaxies. In the edge-districts prevails against it the metal-reaches stars the second until x-ten generation before.
The gravity also decreases far outside the big spiral-galaxies. We find increased the irregular galaxies and ball-star-piles also here through it again at. This quite simply, because also here becomes more inferior the rotation-impulse.
To be seen, this is with our Milky way at the two irregular next galaxies. These are the big and the small Magellan-clouds. Thereupon, there is even more than one hundred ball-star-piles, which only causes, at the rotation of the Milky way participates. Obviously they are subject to partially already other current-conditions albeit they are tied at our Milky way.
The French mathematician Louis Lagrange discovered so-called libration-areas around the earth, in which the gravitational-strengths lift themselves between earth and sun, around. One of these points (L3) is exactly between earth and sun in 4 millions km distance. From there observes the sun the sunbathe-satellite SOHO in order to be able to warn of dangerous radiation-outbreaks in time.
Two wide zones are before and behind the earth in an angle of 60° on its orbit. Also here, the same effect passes gravity and one with zero suspected that itself exactly at these positions much space-rubble in moulds could have accumulated from meteorites and dust. They held long time lookout after possible companions of the earth in these areas therefore. Nothing essential could be discovered.

In our earth, I could discover two further libration-areas on the basis of my gravitational-effect represented above. It is like already before where gravity also prevails zero described it at the theoretical centre of the earth once. One can assume however that it is on this occasion truly only about one zone theoretical purely because this zone transfers itself for different reasons something constantly. The influences of all planets, the moon and the sun cause this. However the biggest factor is the own-rotation of the earth, through which a situation changed constantly appears, with it. Caused by the own-rotation of the earth, this zone rages all 24 hours through the earth once.

The second zone is therefore at the ecliptic-point. This is approximately 4600 km from the earth-centre removes on the line between earth and moon. Therefore still within the earth. It is the common main focus of the system earth - moon, around which both planets rotate seemingly. Exactly this zone changes especially strongly through the inclination of the moon-track of 5° 9´ opposite the Ecliptic, through which the pressure-circumstances are subject to continuous fluctuations in the earth. The effects of these pressure-alterations should necessarily be explored.
With the implementations shown above, you have now to test the possibility as the legalities have an effect on the masses in our universe.

©2001 author: Michael Köchling

In the astrophysics, much is possible, however, it should always be compatible with the natural conditions.

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