© 2013 author: Michael Köchling

The object most important for the mankind in the cosmos:
„Our earth! “


Certainly, the projects „biosphere I “and „biosphere II “ are you all still in good memory! It went to experience at that time therefore whether it is possibly to be able to survive under a closed dome. Only the natural resources occurring in it should be enough for it.

It should be a planet, which doesn't show the life-conditions of our earth. They primarily thought with it of the Mars or the moon. You all knows the result: The project had prematurely to be broken off after approximately one half year.

I would like to call you in memory what had happened at that time. Already after the relatively short time of a half year, that had been reduced oxygen-salary in the dome so strongly that only it the density like in 5000 m amounts showed. The as a result following scientific examination yielded that the ground-microbes had used the biggest part of the oxygen and this was changed in CO2. With this development, they had not reckoned with the planning of the experiment!

However something had led to it? It was the climate in the dome! They had created an almost tropical climate in it. This had led to a true population-explosion of the ground-microbes.

The normal ground-temperature of the earth amounts to 8° to 10° CS. It would not therefore have been warmer than 8° to 10° CS in the dome, it would not have occurred.

We can derive from it: More heat means more lives and, with it walks around more oxygen-consumption and consequently much more CO2! It is therefore a natural process that itself in warmly-times of the CO2 - salary of the earth's atmosphere drastically increases. This could perfectly be covered by other scientific investigations. Always the average-temperatures climbed first, then the CO2 - increase followed! The course was as well if a cold-time came. First the average-temperatures fell and only after it the CO2 - salary of the atmosphere, began to sink. Slowly the number of the ground-microbes went back through the starting cold and few CO2 was produced. Long-term, the CO2 took - share in the atmosphere again from.

This means nothing other however, than that the CO2 - salary of the atmosphere no influence on the climate of earth has. At the 06.11.1998, the then television-speaker Dr. Wolfgang Thüne pointed out in an article of the magazine „VDI - news“ on it, that the CO2 possesses no resonance-gangs in the temperature-area up to 15° CS. In this area, our earth beams at night their heat into the cosmos.

Hereby, one proved that the CO2 is not relevant for the climate of our earth!

Now, it is to be questioned at the time, really what behind this CO2 - hysteria is!? A billion-heavy business with CO2 - certificates is driven and nobody wants to give up this on no account again! Moreover, the industry is incriminated with questionable editions, about which CO2 - output, to reduce. To be reduced the exhaust fumes, a necessary measure is, because we produce much too much of it. However, it is with it about the poisonous nitrogen-oxides, sulphur-hydrogen and fine-dust. Sense does to decrease these!

Today, at 2013 Mai 11. there was been known in the news of WDR 4, that so many CO2 never existed in the atmosphere like at present.

Nevertheless, it was a good message! Then you please introduce yourself where the measurements were done to it! - They was enforced on the Mauna Kea on Hawaii. - Already with the first CO2 - measurement had enforced the measurements on a volcano one at that time. A completely irrelevant result was achieved hereby. As you know, gigantic quantities CO2 come not only from the chimney of a volcano. Through the whole mountain-massif rise this gas at the surface. If is therefore measured on volcanos, can only wrong - I would not like to say - manipulated results about comes!
Such statements shall the dying down at present CO2 - certificates - trade again fresh enlivens. Obviously however meanwhile many have found out it which is really intended here. They rather invest into more effective projects.

The most upper directive of the society for cosmos-tidings e.V. is it to relay correct knowledge and to revise wrong statements.

Under the aspect, that we have only this one earth and can never emigrate 7 to 10 milliards people on another planet, it is necessary, our earth astronomically and ecologically, to include into our contemplations !

In the astrophysics, much is possible, however, it should always be compatible with the natural conditions.

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