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Over elektric- und magnetic effects in the Universe

Already years ago, I wrote the report about the differ rotations of Galaxies. From current reason, I would now like to supplement this report. At the Max - Planck - institute in Effelsberg (radio-astronomy), already became made poor of Spiralgalaxien like itself about 1979 measurements with 6,3 cm to 2,8 cm wavelengths in order to prove holds back or can even form. The magnetic fields were measured to it within spiralgalaxies. It turned out that the arms of the spiralgalaxies follow the magnet-fields, with which the magnet-field-lines show, precisely that is hardly to be seen field-lines in the spiral-arms, for it however about the arms around. And as it is the case with rod-magnets, the field-lines are also to be observed mainly outside the magnet on this occasion. The Galaxies are normal manner two-armed with it, because magnets show simply only two poles.

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Image 3: magnet-field-lines in M51,
derived from radio-observations with the
100m - radio-telescope with 2,8 cm wavelengths.
The field-lines almost everywhere follow the spiral-arms.

There are however also exceptions! Therefore Galaxies with more arms. These arms are splittings of the main-arms with biggest likelihood however, then in accordance with the aging star-populations refines new magnetic centers, which can cause these splittings. The more heavy elements exist in star-populations, all the more strongly the magnet-fields situated in it and there these partly becomes be locally restricted, the splittings occur. Hereby, completely additional arms can develop.

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How spirals building and wound magnet-fields held back, is to be recognized by the earthly magnet-field especially well, if auroras refine in it. These are swung ribbons and often change their forms and colors quickly. Another example is the Wendelstein - Stellarator, an fusion-reactor of the new generation. His magnets are torsion-nicely warped. This was done because they could give up the transformer-spool, which was responsible for the electric-flux in the plasma otherwise. The electric-flux warped the plasma, what is now caused by the Stellarator with his magnet-order.

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Some of the bent disks of Galaxies could represent an analogy to it. Until now, one assumed however that these forms through the gravity-effects of satellit-galaxies, or former transits with other Galaxies, what cannot be applied generally to all however was caused. The magnet-fields of Galaxies are not even, however what can cause the bendings with disk-shaped Galaxies. The central magnet-area in the Bulgs has namely often tilted about some degrees opposite the perpendiculars and doesn't coincide with the rotation-axle.

Now, we could like above represented it assumes that the spiral-arms follow the magnet-fields what certainly also applies mainly. There is a logical alternative however: Particularly in the spiral-arms, young star-populations are with mass-is enough stars. They age very quickly and enrich their end of existence after few millions of years. Then they enlarge the comos with heavy elements. And as above described, this leads to stronger magnet-fields. So therefore seen, the magnet-fields are generate the forms of the spiral-arms. This means nothing other, than that Galaxies had to would be comparatively older with distinctive spiral-arms. On the other hand, increased splittings occur with increasing age. Totally equally scrambled Galaxies had to would be very young according to it. Spiral-galaxies with distinctive two arms are middle-old and Galaxies with very much arms are very old. This analogy cannot be applied unfortunately to the big elliptical and spherical Galaxies because obviously quite other prerequisites prevail here. Scientists assume in this occasion, that these Galaxies have several other Galaxiens already absorbed themselves. How the magnet-fields in such structures are placed, is still completely open. Anyway, the magnet-fields are dominant in relatively quickly rotating spiral-galaxies. One can see it by several of them by emitted Jets. These Jets will emitted up to several ten thousand - or even up to several hundred thousand light-years far into the cosmos. Alone incredibly strong electromagnetic fields are to be caused this to it in the situation. Such Jets are emitted from so named active Galaxies from the centers in each case vertically. There are not only emitted waves in it. There are gigantic quantities in it at electrons and ions. One suspects to it by scientific side that on this occasion black holes are the causes of the Jets.
However it could become busy that extremely active star-formation-areas show the same electromagnetic signature as it is assumed by the black holes. For this reason, it is not yet completely clear by what these Jets are caused. It would therefore be possible that one of the factors of the causes could be in each case.
At this position, I would like to show you which unbelievable energies of active Galaxien are emitted. And as above described these Jets can be out-catapulted from the disk-plane up to several hundred thousand light-years. A black hole is assumed as causes with several millions to billions sunbathe-masses in each case. These giants should collect matter from their surroundings in an accretion-disk, which in enormous speed the respective object arround turn. Each matter is rent with it into its atoms and molecules and is ionized. Already on this occasion unimaginable energies become free which of the central-objects must be found. But the gravitational-strength of such objects is as we know, almost infinitely big. So, no problem is seen to explain the freely nascent energies. To it, push-events of the particles still come among each other, then with which much thermal energy becomes free.
Now, we must look at the qualities of the ionized particles somewhat near. It is clear, they are loaded all positively because electrons were snatched them. We have to do it therefore initially with the ionization of a plasma. But all this particles, also the electrons, has electric - and magnetic qualities, because as already Albert Einstein and Leopold Infeld in „the revolution of the physics “has described, moved electric charge will accompany of a magnet-field everyone and inverted everyone moved magnetic field of an electric field. Through different charges, magnetic alignments and the radiation-pressure, the particles becomes arranged. That this so is, can verified at our ionosphere. It contains mainly different ions only, why it got its name. Since the earth moves and turns and consequently an electric - and magnetic field has, the particles are escorted after charges and magnetic qualities to the mixed poles. In the exactly same way, this happens with the core of Galaxies, because also these rotate and have electromagnetic fields of immense size. And as already I in the report „Jets of the center of Galaxies“ has described, the matter so led to the different poles, is emitted in form of jets from the accretion-disks of the score of Galaxies. This is the logical deduction, because nothing can come from the black holes as you know. The magnet-field-lines become twist with it through the enormously rotating objects. They concentrate the matter and emit them because of same charges, because constantly supplies takes place from the accretion-planes, through which the pressure is gotten up. The effect is therefore quite like like with the Ion-drive. If they could manage twisted magnet-fields with the Ion-drive comparably, these drives would certainly be much more efficient. If however comparably strong emissions should appear with it in form of x-rays - and gamma-radiation, it is probably rather inappropriate to do the engines more efficiently of this way.
Further push-events occur in the jets. They generates additional thermal energy, but also not-thermal radiation to through twisted electrons about magnet-field-lines. It is synchrotron-radiation in the range of radio - until x-rays - and gamma-radiation. Quite different energy-values come about if one looks from different directions at such an object. The gaze-direction on the disk-level yields essentially more inferior values with it, as if we looked at the pole of such a Galaxie vertically.
We know this also from the sunbathe-wind, that at the equator of the sun between 300 - 400 km / s and at the poles between 600 - 1000 km / s can be emitted. Additionally, there are still the differences between relatively quiet Galaxies and then others they are very active. In our Milky way, a rather asleep central-object should be. This is all very good for us, because in highly active Galaxies, the radiation-burden is immensely high and prevents the formation of lives with big security in wide areas of the respective Galaxie. It is being distinguished whether only radio-radiation is handed over, or also x-raying and gamma.
Occurs the further, the push-fronts of the jet-cudgels interactions with the interstellar matter. Originates much thermal radiation and not-thermal synchrotron-radiation too, with the impact also on this occasion. Many radicals (fragments of molecules) are generated with it and possibly even atoms can become split through it. The impact jet-matter is responsible for this.
Altogether, the handed energy-values of the side reach once until to 10 49 WS and with view from top until 10 52 WS. This is partly so high or even higher the handed over energy-values, like the whole Galaxie of stars, dust and gas altogether hands over. It is not yet clear with it, whether the emitted matter of the causes - Galaxie partially or completely again is supplied, or whether itself everything in the wideness of the universe distributed and contributes elsewhere to the formation of new populations.
We already know through the results of the research-satellite Ulysses, that we have a very electromagnetic cosmos. It is all the more astonishing that these strengths still remain largely unconsidered on the part of the astronomy. Here, a gigantic research-area opening itself for the future on. And only when these strengths, covered is explored on the cosmos, we will understand many processes in the universe better. Alone already therefore, the works at the MPI - for radio-astronomy (Effelsberg) to the exploration of the magnetic - and electric strengths in the universe are directive and from biggest meaning.

The 100m - radio-telescope in Effelsberg, MPI - Bonn, the biggest, freely movable radio-telescope is.

Comment: From Mr. Nicolaus Struttmann from Ludwigshafen, I get sometimes collected infos from daily-newspapers. On Wednesday, that 30. April was in the FAZ under „nature and knowledge “the article „Galaxies with magnetic nozzles“ from Mr. Hermann - Michael Hahn. The processes turned into the jet - formations quite similarly described. Is to be recognized that is searched here intensive, which can be only useful the matter. However, I had only now received the article and at the 24. August 08 read. To the time, my article was already ready, with what I would like to say, that I have not finished especially, since I had already described this process in other reports.