© 2006 author: Michael Köchling

The mysterious, irregular expansion of the universe.


Since the observations of the distant galaxies through Edwin Hubble, is known on the basis of their different red-postponements, that the cosmos expands. Meanwhile further surveyings of the cosmos were planned and they came upon some strange results!

Formerly they assumed an even expansion of the entire universe, however now they found regions, that behave quite differently. Seemingly, these regions stretch themselves, which all very far away are, extremely quickly from. Quite differently anyway as they bring galaxies and cluster of galaxies closer to us in immediate neighbourhood.

In order to clarify this, many own-speeds of far distant galaxies were determined and in diagrams were written down. It turned out with it that especially in matter-poor areas the expansion much accelerated runs. Obviously, something brakes this expansion in masser-standardizes areas.

The effect of decisive braking-force was defined quickly. It could be only the gravity. The gigantic accumulations of galaxies brake the explosive expansion of the cosmos with their gravitational-strengths!

One assume it now, that it is really the gravity, that causes this effect, so it is with biggest security about an appearance-effect! This has to do also nothing with an anti-gravitational-effect which the universe apart-drives. Completely in the opposite, everything can as always quite simply be explained.

If you have read my other reports over the light, the gravity and the original-energy of the universe, then you already know that a medium of Gravitonens can the waves of the light figurative. It results that it comes in the universe of many different, mass-dependent streams of Gravitonens.

To big masses, these streams are accordingly more stronger, against which they are low in mass-impregnated areas. Let's assume now that taken the light of such currents and increases locally with it in its speeds or is reduced, so one can infer from it that seemingly higher or lower expansion-speeds are faked hereby. On gigantic distances of hundreds millions until several billions light-years, big differences result from it in the red-postponements.

Let's look at us therefore in more detail as such effects have an effect. In mass-impregnated areas, the currents are low and distributes evenly. The true expansion-speed of the universe appears here. Quite differently against it in masser-standardizes areas. The Gravitonens stream distance-dependent with increasing speeds to the galaxies and cluster of galaxies.

Let's look into such directions therefore, the expansion-installment appears to us reduced, because, walking around, the red-postponements of the galaxies and cluster of galaxies are changed from our view. Since the expansion-installment of the cosmos is determined by the different red-postponement-value alone however, it doesn't stay away that we get wrong value hereby. To it, the own-movements of the galaxies and cluster, which must be withdrawn, still come then. Their own-speeds are meant by it to their indirect surroundings and not their escape-speeds in opposite to us. And it still arrives that the galaxies and cluster are largely together tied through their gravitational-strengths. Therefore, their escape-speeds are lower, which a more inferior expansion-installment fakes on the other hand.
You are able to tell by it that it is no easy task, here, to determine successfully. Different realities must always be taken into account what the work of our scientists impedes immensely. Consequently it is also clear that the right causes are not always found immediately. The present-day knowledge is just the error of the science on the newest stand.

After these implementations, one can certainly still assume an even expansion of the universe even if there should be local differences from our view!

In the astrophysics, much is possible, however, it should always be compatible with the natural conditions.

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