Astronomy and physics

©2004 author: Michael Köchling

A Genius prank of Albert Einstein!

It is certainly unknown, what Albert Einstein to his formula E = mc2 wanted to say, however it had to be a logical step. Actually, there was already the formula of the kinetic energy E = 1/2mv2. This formula had absolutely approved off , after I had tested it scientifically, I confirmed this formula to be excellent. If all therefore was already mathematically correct, so the final formula shows us the speed-dependent energy values. If we place c on that occasion as speed – ( light ), so we get the half value of E precisely = mc2.

What can we infer from it? We know, E = mc2 yields the purely theoretical energy value, which is in one piece of matter. And it yields the energy values of masses with speed of light, which doubles with it, as with the classic formula. A corresponding formula had to be introduced in order to take this relativistic effect into account with different speeds.

The reason for this is an increasing resistance with speeds bigger approximately 10 percent of the speed of light. This grows with proportionally increasing speed in the square and resembles the resistance value of the air consequently, Cw - value. in other words:
A comparable resistance originates in the vacuum of the cosmos. This resistance could perfectly be verified in accelerator experiments. Already at that time, one had assumed, and also because one assumed, that the light to spread needed a medium, that the cosmos is filled with an unspeakably thin medium (the ether).
Although the resistance was real, attempts, respecting the speed of light, were excluded a medium on the basis of the Michelson - Morley -. On this occasion, it was tried to prove the earths own movement in the "ether." Earth has an average speed of 29.8km/s around the sun. Corresponding differences of the speed of light appear in movement direction or countered to originate. Actually, only a difference was determined by approximately 8km/s. Michelson thought that, the attempt was positioned incorrectly and the result was charged to the imprecision of the equipment. However, this didn't prevent the scientists from still taking the resistance into account in their calculations. They therefore reckon with a medium, which was there officially! Let's look again at the two values and let's compare them. With speed of light, the relationship always emerges in 1/2 : 1 between the two formulas >>> 1/2 + 1/2 = 1

The two formulas comprise the third Newton´sche law with it: actio = reactio.

A strength always generates an immediately big counter strength. If this happens, you can’t accelerate the mass further, because the counter strength automatically grows with it. Nothing can be faster than the light for this reason. Waves are not faster anyway and matter find there borders here. Doesn’t matter, how much energy is invested, the resistance grows with and prevents another acceleration.

In the astrophysics, much is possible, however, it should always be compatible with the natural conditions.

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