©2004 author: Michael Köchling

What really is light?

Already in my book "It become light"! I described: Whoever understands the light, they understand the universe, because everything in the universe is based on wave functions. That with the light is such a matter, that still is very ambiguous according to systematic knowledge. Their statements is are follows:

1."the light consists of "electromagnetic waves!"

2. "these waves occur only as "photons" with exact quantified energy values!"

3. "the "electromagnetic waves" include a very big spectral area, which of long radio waves over microwaves, infrared-waves, the visible light UV- waves x-rays and gamma-waves, until to the extremely short waves of the space radiation."

4. "the "electromagnetic waves" are Transverse-waves, without any medium they can cross the universe !"

5. "the "electromagnetic waves" connects with the subatomic particles a so-called "wave - particles - dualism"! At the same time they are waves and particles (photons)!"

How was it with belief, however? Do you believe it? This of all seemed very suspect to me anyway!

For this reason, I studied the wave mechanics and the quantum mechanics for myself. The relativity theory, the solid physics and the electrodynamics still arrived then later.

To No.1. The waves of the light are mechanical nature, like all other waves also! The only difference is that they can cross the seemingly empty cosmos. This is denied the other waves, waves of liquids and the sound-waves!
The mechanical character of the "electromagnetic waves" appears that they can be influenced only purely mechanically if they are first then on the way. On no account however, they react to electric freights or magnetic fields. This has nothing to do with their natural formation, however what really happens by the formation, nobody exactly knows because it happens hidden for us . Actually, it is the subatomic particles like the main electrons, the atoms and molecules, which give out such waves . These particles have electric freights and magnetic fields. They are the Emitter of these waves and because beforehand no one could imagine, that mechanical waves can move through the vacuum of the cosmos, at that time, it had to be electric freights and magnetic fields, that spread with speed of light.
For this reason, the name was picked "electromagnetic waves". A name, that awakens completely wrong ideas over the nature of these waves! These waves are so weak in reality that they can stimulate only the tiniest particles. On this occasion electric- and magnetic strengths only has a holding function of the at their positions of the atoms and molecules.

Albert Einstein said once:
"An energy transfer is not conceivable without matter (medium)!"

For this reason, it was assumed formerly that the vacuum of the cosmos is filled with an imponderable medium in order to guarantee the transfer of "electromagnetic waves." However on the basis of the Michelson - Morley - attempts was banished from the physics this so-called "ether" from Albert Einstein. Michelson and Morley had tried the deviation of the speed of light to prove our earth on the basis of the own movement. Since our earth with a middle speed of 29,8 km/s moves on its track around the sun, a difference of the speed of light would have had to appear according to its opinion if one measures in movement direction of the earth once and then in opposite direction. However the determined value didn't correspond to the own speed of the earth, but it was measured only approximately 8 km/s distinctions, against what the too expectant difference 59,6 km/s would have to yield.
Approximately 20 years later, however, Albert Einstein wondered, whether or not the energy the vacuum of the cosmos > 0 must concede. Little later, he therefore introduced the "cosmos constant Lambda" which the so-called "vacuum energy" represents. So, he brought in the abused "ether" again into the physics after so long time, against the will of the other scientists. Albeit also under other name. Because only if “Lambda” was a part of in the formulas, the results were right. And so the scientists reckon with the "ether" today, that officially does nor exist.

To No.2. the "electromagnetic waves" should occur only as "photons" with exact quantified energy amounts. This is because of the relationship strengths of the electrons concerning of its energy levels in the atoms. With stimulation of an electron through a photon, the electron goes short-term on an accordingly higher energy level in order to fall again back under depositing of a same "photon" on its former level. This happens however only with resonance, namely then, if the energy of the relationship energy of the electron is found by the "photon”. The German physicist Max Planck recognized therefore went out from time travel energies these processes have a photoelectric effect.
Most waves are really tied at the relationship strengths of the electrons and are therefore emitted with exactly defined energies. This builds the basis of the Spectroscopy . This shows a certain wavelength or frequency the temperature of a mass and with it the contained elements. Normally we use it to determine the frequency.
This named after the physicist Heinrich Hertz in Hz . That means 1 Hz = one pendulation per second, what corresponds to a wavelength of approximately 300.000 km. Now, please imagine a photon with this length! It would be a very strange particle, which still should possess the silence mass to be 0, but with a Spin + or - 1!!!
But, however, there are so called color transitions. No assignment to the quantum lungs and with the "photoelectric effect", we also experience variable processes. I will speak about this later, because some basic information is still missing. In principle, I can deliver references and descriptions for all here done statements. These are stated in my book "It become light!”. Whoever is well-informed they can understand the correctness of the statements easily. What you will find here, is a short statement taken from my book .

To No. 3. the gigantic spectrum of the "electromagnetic waves" shows us that there are waves with incredibly different wavelengths, with only minor changes to the amplitudes. On this occasion the frequencies determine the wavelengths and on that occasion and reversed . As above described, there are waves of a Hz until x 1024 Hz with the cosmic radiation.

Now, image yourself that all waves have different "photons" but with a certain quantified energy. A really fantastic idea! Whether a quantisation is meaningful with waves, I doubt it, because it gives a non appropriate particle character to the waves. Waves are emitted more usually continuously and not in intervals, as it is applicable for particles. Furthermore, the waves have the quality to go unhindered mutually through itself, which one cannot claim from the particles (collide-ring at CERN).

To No. 4. the "electromagnetic waves" are named Transverse waves after one had abolished the "ether" as transfer medium. Since electric - and magnetic fields can extend in the vacuum with speed of light, they assumed at that time that the Transverse waves were precisely electromagnetic nature . Only so, could it be explained, why these waves extend also in a vacuum with same speed as the electric ones - and magnetic fields can. This was born out of a difficult explanation.

To 5. On the basis of the duplicate-split - attempts (from Thomas Young) came one to following conviction: Because interference was always generated with attempts as well as with waves also as particles, that the waves appear as particles once. And was valid consequently for the particles that appears it as waves once. This was determined by the order of the attempts in each case and so was the wave - particle - dualism (an effect) without the true causes being fathomed originated. And also still today one holds on to it. Stands, as so often, the solutions in the already existing books.

"However only who seeks, that find!"

" Between recumbent electric poles and recumbent magnetic poles on the other hand
there is no interaction; it doesn't get dressed and doesn't repel each other.
In other words:
An electrostatic field exerts no influence on a magnetic-static field and turned back.
Electrostatic, magnetic-static and gravitation-fields are three quite different things
and has no interaction among each other."

( Leopold Infeld and Albert Einstein, "The revolution of the physics" p.124 )

"A variable magnetic field is always accompanied from an electric field.”
Turned back:
“A variable electric field is always accompanied from a magnetic field."

( Leopold Infeld and Albert Einstein, "The revolution of the physics" p.128f )

" These two quotations state that a wave is always generated simultaneously if we emit a particle,
because only electrically loaded - or magnetic particles can accelerate we!!!
This is the truthful wave - particle - dualism !"

( Best examples for this is the Synchrotron - radiation and the Tscherenkow - radiation )

It is now obvious, that always must occur interference with an accelerated particle because a wave simultaneously always becomes. After you now know, that the "electromagnetic waves" are mechanical nature in reality purely, also becomes clear why the scientists sometimes speak of it that soundwaves reach us from our sun. At all soundwaves are also a form of "electromagnetic waves" and are named "Phononen" in science-circles! And if our ears were capable to it to perceive billions to trillions Hzes, we could even hear the radiation of the sun.
Now you will wonder surely as these people come on it. Go please into the world of the tiny particles once to this however intellectually. You see the molecules N2 in our atmosphere then, O2 etc, surrounds from their electrons. Already from the physics-instruction is known to you that gases expand if that will reduce it surrounding static pressure. The electrons of the molecules repel themselves with it on the basis of their same freights mutually. Let's stimulate some molecules through an impulse, mechanical push or vibration, now, so the repelling strengths respond the electron situated outside on this occasion and as the impulse is relayed with "la ola" in direction of the electric and magnetic strengths of the electrons. We have generated a wave, that we assumed, that it should be mechanical origin purely. At least, it says respecting the soundwaves in the physics-books so! However actual are exactly the two last-named waves rather "electromagnetic waves" as the waves of the light. We must therefore still explore the qualities of the vacuum-energy. Then, we see further!

And if you now think about it, so you will determine that the same physical processes run out with the waves on the surfaces of liquids! Probably for the reasons presented above, Albert Einstein said once:

" An energy-transference without matter is not conceivable !"

Already as young man I had the vague idea that our physical philosophy cannot be complete and that the right ideas and values are not arranged the mankind. For this reason, I grasped the decision at that time to continue education me accordingly. And if I think back at the development of the physics over the centuries, so I must determine following:

" The truth was often laughed at first,
then fought
and finally obvious !"

©2004 author: Michael Köchling

In the astrophysics, much is possible, however, it should always be compatible with the natural conditions.

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