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How can Superluminal Velocity be created?

How became known through different media meanwhile, multiple speed of light could be proven in some experiments.
Accentuating is Professor Günter Nimtz of the university to Cologne on this occasion. His attempts were based on it that „electromagnetic waves“ in the microwave-area over two different ways, which showed however precisely same lengths, was escorted. These two ways differed in it, that a tunnel was installed in one of the routes with a length of 11,42 cm, therefore one speaks of a tunnel-effect on this occasion. The tunnel-diameter had an essentially smaller opening-diameter with it as the length of the used wavelengths (simplified representation).
Was achieved with it so-called „group-speeds“ from waves up to 4,7 speeds of light.
His work was published in „physics in our time“ / 28. Year 1997 / No. 5
This tunnel-effect represented above made possible it quite obviously that itself „electromagnetic waves“ with bigger speed as that of the light could extend.
„This assumption is been missing however far! In principle, waves don't can themselves faster than c - specifically extends.“
My investigations yielded a completely normal physical effect as causes of this phenomenon. Consequently, miracles are excluded!
I published also this in my book „It becomes light! “/ May 2001 / (but it´s only in German) has however already found this effect I end of 08.1997 after the analysis of Mr. Nimtz´s work.
What was faster here, the waves are not, because they cannot go through the tunnel because it is too narrow for them. Nevertheless they can cause something and this would like to represent you I in this article.
Initially we must know by what waves are generated. To this, impulses are necessary. Broadly, we know several processes there. A stone warped into the water generates an impulse, generates which concentric waves on the water-surface.

Or a vibrant membrane generates soundwaves. And moved electric - or magnetic particles generate waves. With all these processes, waves are generated by mechanical impulses in principle.
Vice-versa, waves can generate impulses. Namely then, if they are met with an obstacle. On this occasion, the wave-energy is reshaped in impulse-energy again. A too narrow tunnel is such an obstacle for example. As well, a wall would be a suitable obstacle. A wall reflected the waves on the basis of its inflexibility and evenness. A tunnel admits little of the wave-energies in form of impulses small through however. You can this itself like follows introduces: You are on a pier at the sea. In this pier, a canal-tube is with a diameter of a half meter. The canal-tube has a length of 5m with it and leads directly under the water-surface into a harbor-basin. On seaside break the waves of on the wall, they cannot go through this tunnel, because their wavelengths are much bigger, 3 - 30m. Therefore the waves hand over a part of their wave-impulses at the water standing in the canal-tube and almost at the same time originate in the harbor-basin new waves with same wavelength, however more inferior amplitude.

What we can determine here, represent a quite natural physical effect and don't have to do the lowest with relativistic effects. Also on this occasion, the tunnel-speed of the impulses is a multiple of the wave-speeds. This high speed is restricted with it on the length of the tunnel.
We therefore determine: Not the waves reach multiple specific wave-speed but only the impulses. The water is especially well-suited with it in our example because it can hardly be compressed and can therefore relay the impulses almost undiminished.
Quite similarly, the attempts of Mr. Nimtz proceeded. The incoming waves were changed at the tunnel-start into impulses, which very fast run through it. Arrived at the other tunnel-end, the incoming impulses generated new waves. Through this twice-repeated changing the energies, it came an insignificant phase-postponement with simultaneously essentially higher tunnel-speed too in each case.
Let's transfer this on any other forms of waves now, we will be able to so determine that the same effect becomes effective everywhere.

Let's summarize therefore:

The tunnel-effect is a quite more normally physical process and multiple specific wave-speeds has reached itself with it without problems.
Thereupon we determine that the specific wave-speeds of the waves themselves cannot be overstepped. What can be only faster, the impulses are.
What Albert Einstein had say is right that neither waves nor normal matter can be faster than the light. However something causes the high tunnel-speeds with that then „electromagnetic waves" ?
Already, we become with it again „vacuum-energy “or the well known „ethers“ confronts, because only these come as impulse-carriers in the falls it „electromagnetic waves“ in consideration. Therefore such a medium exists, because otherwise this attempt worked in no way.

Mr. Professor Nimtz has produced a direct proof with it for such a medium.

There are even more proofs for such a medium, however I would not like to jump in ahead of too far and what you take this content leaves it you as always. It would be interesting to know however, as quickly at most the impulses in the case of that „electromagnetic waves“ tunnels can. Unbelievable rake-speeds would result from it particularly for computers.

©2004 author: Michael Köchling

In the astrophysics, much is possible, however, it should always be compatible with the natural conditions.

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