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The most important strength in the universe!

With security, we know all important strengths in the universe, nevertheless deceased unsolved situations give up puzzles. For this reason, some effects can be calculated only with help of the relativity-theories and adapted formulas. They don't offer a real explanation however. And however, if one the rotation-behavior of the galaxies, just as views their forms, so they could offer no explanations for this. As well, it went for the scientists at the track and the rotation-behavior of the Mercury. For these reasons, one already doubted our natural laws. Therefore the relativity-theory was troubled also here because they alone could not explain this behavior through gravitative influences. Mercury has no fixed elliptical track, but per century, its big axis is running in right direction about 531“ advance. Its track yields a rosette about the sun with it for the long term. Until on 43“ could circulation-finish this behavior is explained through the gravitational-strengths of the further planets outside, however for these 43“ gave it no explanation. Consequently, also they were explained by means of a relativistic effect.
The rotation-behavior of the Mercury is just as strange, because while it makes exactly three own-spins for two runs about the sun. After these two runs = three own-rotations, a marking points exactly to the sun again.
In the physics of the stars and planets, the strengths are admittedly known, however they don't find sufficiently considered in all cases. Especially, to accentuate, are the inductive effects of the planetary magnet-fields and a strength here once which is known as sunbathe-wind. The strength of the sunbathe-wind alone push with circa 2,5664 x 1011 kg against the earth. With this strength, it works contrary to the gravitational-strength of the sun.
This radiation-pressure, because it is about a such, exists simultaneously from a particle - and a wave-radiation. This comprises finished spindle submitted by the sun over its entire spectrum-area. And the particles are electrons, protons, alpha - particles and other heavy-ions. This is lately known, however only if one asks further questions, one advances from our macrocosm into the microcosm:

„How does such a radiation-pressure have an effect on subatomic particles for example? “

If particles meet, the effect is quite clear. They are shattered or alter their course and scatter consequently apart albeit this happens rarely radial. It is quite different with the waves. They are so strong in the comparison to the size of the subatomic particles that always they push these radial, if it is about free particles. Electromagnetic tied particles are held at their positions however and relay the wave-impulse. Except natural, the waves are more stronger than the relationship-strengths of the concerned particles, mainly with electrons (photoelectric effect). however also on this occasion will be it about so-called free electrons mainly. Is probably out-solved only such from the metal-surfaces, because many are from it in metals. Such electrons are only weakly or not at all bound and have moved itself comparatively easily. They are also it that is responsible for the electric stream-river in metallic leaders. The waves are a gigantic strength actual in this microscopic area. Much more strongly anyway as the gravity. From it emerges, that we have to do it with a strong strength in the atomic area and this works the gravity, that magnetic - and electrostatic attraction contrary to. In other words:

"The radiation-pressure is the mightiest strength in the atomic areas!"

This is justified in it because the radiation-pressure against all other relationship-strengths holds apart the different charge carriers. Only so, the electrons can be headed about the atomic nucleuses for their positions, because all other strengths, like the gravity, that magnetic - and the electrostatic attractions form the counter-strengths to the radiation-pressure.

A difference of potenzial of the radiation-pressure, the flow of a temperature-dependent stream, causes in thermocouples. And on the basis of the respective amperage, one can derive the corresponding temperature then. This shows us how considerably this strength must be.

The principle of the thermocouple: The inner difference of potenzial changes with the warmed up position. One calls this thermoelectric effect (Seebeck-effect). In truth is it the different radiation-pressure in the matter, which generates the stream of elektronens here, however because the free electrons always have the endeavor to hike to the lowest energy level.

Now they could think that the radiation-pressure in the macroscopic area plays only a subordinate role. Been missing far, because also here, everything is almost based on wave-functions! We can perceive our surroundings only on the basis of the many different waves and they deliver energy to us and with it light and heat. And if one looks at it right, all life exists on the basis of these functions, because they are it, that for the growth of food and with it for new life provides.

"And although the radiation-pressure in the macrocosm represents a seemingly weak strength, we can claim with good conscience that the radiation-pressure has one of the most important roles also in the macrocosm."

Everything is important really taken in the universe, because only in the interplay of all existing strengths and forms of matter, it is given that life could originate. No one is therefore more inferior or more dear than other. We can always determine only the respective main-functions from our view-manner therefore.

In the astrophysics, much is possible, however, it should always be compatible with the natural conditions.

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