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The Space (time) bending!

Sundries circumstances led to it that the so named „ethers“ from the physics was banished. This „ethers “should one imponderable fine, the universe completely filling medium is. They put down this medium against end of the 19 Century at that time advance, so that it as bearers for the waves of the light and with it of the entire electromagnetic spectrum could serve. Big efforts were done in order to prove this medium. Albert Einstein´s opinion, that it should be about an absolutely static medium in a just as static universe, led too completely wrong assumptions with it.
In principle, they assumed it at that time that all strengths in the cosmos over so-called „effect-particles“ is exchanged. With that „electromagnetic strengths“ should this it „photons“ is. For it „weak and the strong core-strength “is it the W - and Z - Bosones and for the gravitational-strength the purely hypothetical „Gravitones“.
However, you please introduce yourself the disaster, which the abolition the „ether“ had caused. There was now no carrier more for the „electromagnetic waves“. On the one hand, it was not possible Albert Einstein and his then colleagues, this „ethers“ to describe, and on the other hand the proof was through the Michelson - Morley - attempt gone wrong. However one must wonder, why this proof didn't take place also in other way, in the preceding articles, you find several such hints to it. One prevented for the reason named above anyway to explore the true causes.
In accordance with the now following logic, those were „photons “free change-working particles, that had to make do without a transfer-medium, what is however absolutely necessary for the spread of waves. Also this happened as necessity for the fatal reason of the abolition the „ether“. With the gravitational-strength, this problem didn't exist, since it itself in the case of that „Gravitones“ anyway about particles dealt.
The two scientist Albert Abraham Michelson and Edward Morley made 1886 its all fatal test with an equipment, which swam on mercury and did a complete revolution in 5 minutes. The speed of the light became as well as in movement-direction of the earth, how also countered measured. However all efforts yielded only one much more inferior deviation as that of the middle earth-speed of 29.8 km/ses. A difference of 8 km/ses was measured at most. This amount was charged the equipment as imprecision and although Michelson of the opinion was that had to have run somewhat incorrectly, unfortunately they had overlooked that if one sits in the greenhouse and throws stones, well-notices with uniform speed of the greenhouse, always the disks will throw in. He informed Albert Einstein of the achieved result. This had anyway biggest difficulties, the consistency the „ether“, to describe. How look the density, the size of the particles and their mass? There could be such a medium at all which referred the impulses with speed of light in form of waves simultaneously and was on the other hand so elastic that planets and stars could move freely and unhindered in it. It would have a medium, which had to be more solid than the best steel and was nevertheless allowed to, after then view, it must almost be nothing weighs. Yes itself so tiny particles like atoms and electrons must be able to move themselves in it completely freely without being also braked only in the least. It had to be as well completely transparent to all it and this over distances of many billion light-years
This was huge contradictions and so Albert Einstein was visibly relieved to be freed by this load. Abruptly, he banished it as a result „ethers“ from the world of the physics.


Comment : „It is not comprehensible for me, a completely static „ethers “, to assume. Currents had to necessarily appear in it especially since the cosmos extends and must be generated the gravitation by current of Gravitones on the other hand if one assumes Gravitones as change-particles of this strength. Alternatively, it would really be an absolutely stiff mass of simultaneously infinitely inferior density. If if this would apply, the speed of light would have had to so be infinitely fast and the gravitation could not deflect the light! Additionally, all objects could not really move freely in the cosmos. “


Through the abolition the „ether“ however immediately emerged new difficulties, which had an effect on the description of the space-structure. Following effects proved to be obstacles:
There there is the aberration of the light, that lets the light appear to deviant angle under a tiny, once if one looks at the stars in the right angle to the earth-movement.
Then the spread of the waves in the vacuum. This is an expansion of the wave-front increasing with the distance with parallel emitted waves.
The final speed of the electromagnetic waves. How above represent, the speed would have had to be infinitely fast.
The ascending resistance with accelerated particles, that reach the speed of light faster than 30%.
And the influence of the gravitation on the way of the light. Even more aspects left it behave, however that should suffice here named for the moment.


This of everything with the mass-sluggishness, the gravitation, the relativity, just as to bring the electrodynamics and quantum mechanics in unison, represented for Albert Einstein and his colleagues of at that time an almost insurmountable venture and was mathematically simple not to manage. Again and again they came upon new obstacles and so is still no total-solution found until today (the standardisation of all strengths to the world-formula).
Repeatedly, I have already represented in publications that our physicists with the so-called „ethers“ calculates, because infinity-values occur permanently without it in the calculations. Hereby, it is impossible to describe the existing universe.
An additional factor had to therefore be put in. This started factor is the abused no longer however „ethers“ but the so-called „vacuum-energy“. It became approximately twenty years after the disaster, from Albert Einstein against the will of the other physicists introduced. It is famous that notorious cosmos constant Lambda. Consequently, there has been only one renaming, with which is still available us no exact description of this vacuum-energy also here. Everything still induces itself on purely theoretical basis, nevertheless one cannot give up it in the calculations.
The damage was from the time of the abolition however the „ether“ already prepared. Albert Einstein and his colleagues from at that time now had the problem to explain the structures of the space and its qualities in other way. To this, Albert Einstein came born a brilliant idea from the need (however unfortunately wrong). He used the not-euklid geometry and tried to represent bent area-areas by means of the gravitational-strengths. Additionally he added the time and did such an space-time-bending from it. In other words: The universe consists according to his statement of an almost infinite number of bent areas, which through the different strength-effects of the gravitation, analogously to the many existing masses in the universe is decided. Walking around, there are just as many own-times of the miscellaneous space-bending, accordingly their different gravitational-strengths. Really a strange universe and hardly conceivable.


Comment : „Not the area is influenced by the strengths of the gravitation but the masses in it. The locally working strengths are much too low in order to have an effect on the universe because this is the area, that, to influence, is valid! If the light is deflected on its way by the gravitational-strengths of the existing masses, so this only admits the end that the gravitation of the bearers of the electromagnetic waves is. I already won this realisation many years ago and published it in my book „It becomes light!“(May 2001). Whether the area is bent, stands on no account solidly, because we can presuppose a stream of gravitones as well. This necessarily has the same effect. Why especially the most unlikely interpretation was drawn near here, is quite clear! In the again created area-structure, there could be no current more but at best flex or curvatures. However like wants to bend an area, that exists only in our ideas and has something, one to do the time with it?“ Look: „The definition of the area and the dimensions“. .
“Moreover, a scientist has adjusted all refraction-effects of gravitational-lentils through irregular sharpened glass-lentils. Assuming it, that much more matter exists in galaxies, as we can grasp with our telescopes, represents this also irregular lens and could generate these effects like glass-lentils. However, both factors will probably effect the Galaxies together! “


From the predicament described above out, that became „space-time-bending“ born. And although the processes can be explained only with many gymnastics and concessions in the universe this way, we still have this thought-model, which corresponds to the reality in no way!

Particularly the representations shown again and again of the space-time-bending do without each logic, because here a many-(four)dimensions process which works universally and not only in one level, completely false is represented, in my already mentioned book, I have represented a far more logical course.

And where the time-line is please presented with the representations? It therefore is not comprehensible that this thought-model could last for a very long time. This is certainly because of it because hardly anyone dares it to oppose and can present also even none one proper, moderate proposal. Have we all become so uncritical that we accept it only because it comes from an Albert Einstein? Already in my book „It becomes light! “, I have committed the sacrilege of the refutation any times and have moved additionally other things into the right light. For above represented reasons, I had the suggestive title „It becomes light!“ chosen, that not only a biblical title must be. I would still like to add that the theory of the stream of gravitones doesn't come from me but is substantiated here proof-leading by me because it is capable to explain the processes in the universe.
In many thought-experiments and corresponding calculations, I have succeeded with it, all me, to weaken known objections, and consequently I could produce an overall picture, which can describe our universe very well.
In contrast to it stands the not together compatible relativity, electrodynamics and quantum mechanics. Even if it was done with the Quanten-Chromodynamic moderately matching meanwhile, so this represents only another compromise. Unfortunately, everything will almost represent much too complicated.

„The physics is much more simply shaped and god has not rolled! “

In the astrophysics, much is possible, however, it should always be compatible with the natural conditions.

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