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The spectral-analysis and its effect on the matter.

Found 1802 the English chemist and Mineralogist William Wollaston with inflection-attempts with fences dark lines in the sunbathe-spectrum for the first time. He considered these demarcation-lines between the individual colours.
The optician Joseph of Fraunhofer from Benediktbeuren and later professor in Munich, also found these lines with inflection-attempts in the sunlight. And, without to suspect, what it with it on itself had, he classified it 1814 and assigned letters to them. He put in letters to it arbitrarily because he not yet knew the contexts with the causal elements. And since took place until today no alteration, this order is still binding.
Fraunhofer found approximately 600 such lines. Meanwhile, 20.000 are known circa. Even at other stars he found the lines, however it was him granted not to find the solution.
One recognized only 1860 by Gustav Robert Kirchhoff in burning gases with evaporating elements that the light emission-lines assume these elements (sodium-line) calcium-lines etc. The lines are generated preferably by the electrons. The lines correspond to the unlike electron-levels of the elements with it. It didn't last long and they produced the connection to the dark lines of the absorption-spectrums, because they were generated by the same elements, that are in the starlight. Only that the light becomes through absorption filtered on this occasion.
Everything something at that time position and names had, pounced after this realisation into the topic and it so much became as possibly spectroscopied. Thereupon, they found the context with the temperatures. To this, the radiation of black bodies was compared. Many attempts led to it that the temperatures of the elements could be determined with their help in the atmospheres of stars. It was possible with it for the first time to measure also the temperature of the sunbathe-photo-sphere.
Obviously the Spectroscopy had attained its perfection with it and was regarded as infallible method to the temperature-regulation of all structures in the universe and on the earth. But it always comes differently! Always, there were some researchers that to optimize the existing tried. So also in the Spectroscopy.
That already many times from me quoted Lászó Körtvélyessy wrote in his book „THE ELECTRIC UNIVERSE “quite astonishing things. Among other things, this involved the matter of free gas - and dusts in the cosmos. The radiation gone out by them was declared with some objects of our scientists with temperatures of several million degree. And this with cloud-sizes, that partly comprise many hundred to thousands cubic-light-years. Now one introduces itself that the spatial distribution of the matter is hardly denser in them, as in our solar system. Near the Earth, exactly 4 atoms are per cubic meter in the cosmos. However the interstellar clouds work on the basis of their big distances and the view-angles shrunk with it so densely, that starlight cannot partly penetrate them even. Actually, there are some cloud-areas there, which through the light of stars in them or dense with them to the radiance is stimulated. Can it be however real that such low distributed matter in the otherwise „cold “universe several millions of degrees warm is?

Quite clear, our logic says us: „This cannot give it! “

And however the clouds beam the electron-levels, which pretend these temperatures, accordingly. Of course, this doesn't apply to all clouds in the cosmos, but there is also very much „cool clouds" with only few degrees Kelvin. „Cold clouds” in the cosmos is actually something quite normal, because even near the Earth cools an object on the sunbathe-turned away side in the cosmos on -170 to -180 degree Celsius.
Mr. Körtvélyessy offers a plausible explanation, that tosses up some questions however, to this. To this however later.
He declares the alleged temperatures as condition-expression of the respective matter. In other words: Not the present temperature finds the expression on this occasion, but which temperature has led to this condition earlier once. The gas or the dust was ionized with accordingly high temperatures a long time ago. This condition of the matter remains gotten so long as there is no change through recombination-effects. The ions of the matter-clouds had to would lift electrons to it in order to occupy lower energy levels and that shows interconnected lower temperatures with it. Obviously no free electrons are there however why the energetic condition of the cloud-ions cannot change over big time periods of thousands to millions years. Consequently it is given that these matter of clouds temperatures, that they comprise in no way, fake us.
Now to the question following from it: „Like can beam so tiny particles like atoms and molecules over so long time periods evenly and from where do they cover their energy to it? “seemingly a paradox, which still awaits its solution.
Thereupon, there is still another way of the ionization of matter. We know such processes from comets. If they approach the sun, they begin to form an atmosphere so to speak. We name it coma and come comets of the sun even near, so they form tails from ionized gas and dust. We know the dust-tail and the plasma-tail.

Picture-proof: Comet Hale-Bopp, 10.03.97, Stefan Dylus, 300mm, Rettenberg / Allgäu

Also on this occasion, apparent temperatures, that let tails of comets appear enormously warmly, are shown us. The particles were ionized with it by collision with sunbathe-wind-particles or -waves. This process of the ionization takes place relatively coolly. Excluded it Spallations, with which atoms or molecules become split, take place. This is comparable with fissions which hand over high energies because of the mass-loss. This reason turned even into x-raying with the last big comets - radiation in their coma determined. The fragments of atoms and molecules form so named radicals with it. These have the very strong endeavor to unite with other matching particles again. For above named reasons, the tail of the moon, which consists mainly of sodium-ions, is therefore with biggest security a „cold tail “! After all it lasts a whole while until the again generated ions have come together with the already existing tail and contribute its formation.
Let's hold on therefore:

„Something us with the matter-clouds is shown, can close the respective condition of the matter and we on the cause, that has led to it. In principle, we therefore must between real temperatures in compact matter-accumulations like stars and planets, and the apparent temperatures of the finely distributed matter in the cosmos distinguishes.“

In the astrophysics, much is possible, however, it should always be compatible with the natural conditions.

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