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Question: Is our universe statically or dynamic?

It was at the time of the round in the school of Copenhagen, where itself meet the most renowned scientists start of the 20. century. Under it Enrico Fermi, Ernst Mach, Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Max Born, Wolfgang Pauli, Werner Heisenberg, Paul Ehrenfest, Paul Dirac, Louis de Broglie, Max Planck, Enrico Fermi, Erwin Schrödinger and further.

Actually, it went mainly in this round about questions of the quantum theory and about the construction of the atoms. To this, Niels Bohr and Louis de Broglie had quite different opinions. But also the nature of the light was a hot topic. Exactly the nature of the light was with the idea a the cosmos filling „ether “connected in which could stretch the waves of the light. Quite clear: Mechanical waves necessarily need a medium to their spread!

However exactly this „ethers “was it, the Einstein and comrades unbelievable head-breakup made ready. Particularly Einstein pled at that time for a static universe with one itself in it deciding static namely „ethers “.

This led to inexpressible contradictions with each natural laws and nothing could be described unequivocally mathematically more. Yes more still: How should this ether obtain is? Of what did it consist? Which qualities did it have? And something meant this of everything for the continuance of the universe? The main-difficulty of that time was namely that they could prove no smaller particles as electrons. The universe could not be filled with them however, because then the universe would have had only one single load-condition and everything would be loaded electrostatic.

On the other hand, they knew through Einstein's formula E = mc2, that mass and energy are equivalent. They would have had to so come on it at that time, that it had fundamentally to give something smaller particles, from which everything is built. Now, is known meanwhile that comprises the universe much more than only matter from protons, neutrons and electrons. Richard Feynman has shown that a change of the conditions of energy and particles runs out constantly in the vacuum of the cosmos. And we know particles as the electrons much smaller meanwhile. There are four different neutrinos, which could be determined on the basis of their different oscillations. But obviously also neutrinos don't come as bearers of the light-waves into consideration and this although they in incredibly big quantity the cosmos are crossing. Moreover, their number is to much low to be explained about the lacking mass in the universe too. It must therefore absolutely still fill something else the vacuum of the cosmos.
To this, one is arrived on the dark energy and dark mass, with which these are actually wrong definitions, because mass is equivalent with energy and inverted the energy with mass. Why therefore two names and a not truly effective subdivision? But as already I in my article „What is dark matter and dark energy? “ ( has described, one must distinguish between two types energy. It is once the tied or condensed energy in form of matter and the wave-energies are there on the other hand. Latter consist of mechanical impulses, that stretch in form of waves in the respective medium. In other words: by the mechanical impulses, the medium is put into vibrations and these vibrations stretch undulating. Ultimately it is therefore the medium itself which the energy of the impulses refers. Mass is agitated always of the carriers, why on this occasion also waves practice strength if they are met with obstacles.
You already know from another of my articles that everything in the universe „hungry is “, and consequently it is given that the matter of the medium, with biggest likelihood existing from gravitons, is used long-term, in that it in the stars and galaxies to pressure and with it in thermal radiation is changed. This is handed over as waves at the surroundings then, (simplified representation)!
Through these effects, there is an almost infinitely big number of current-makers and radiation-makers in the universe! Hereby, the medium is moved into all directions and in vibrations, with which the strengths of the currents are accordingly equivalent the masses, were moved because we know that the gravitational-strengths are dependent on the masses as well as their radiuses. If there are so many currents in the universe however and the gravitons are used, the expansion of the universe inevitably still arrives. This expansion generates another dilution of the medium, through which the cohesion-strengths decrease in the universe long-term.
We can therefore assume it that everything is subject to the most different currents in the universe and is put by the many most different waves into vibrations. On the basis of these effects, everything is in the universe in movement.
The logical end from this is:

We live in a dynamic universe,
because first the movements of all objects in it,
awakens our universe to the life!

With this simple, however effective representation, we can cover that Albert Einstein and his colleagues of that time itself have wandered as they presupposed a static universe. However this is not the only one error for lack of our present-day knowledge at that time succumbed to. Meanwhile, we will have widened very effective technologies, which stood the scientists from at that time not to the disposal and could our knowledge, about a multiple.
We can therefore raise no reproaches, because they were allowed to only that, which was directly verifiable and had to it, as scientists, they don't accept the necessary methods in all cases. Our present-day technologies include laser-measurements with and without satellites, with which we can measure exactly on a wavelength. Our atom-clocks make possible it for us in the femto - second - area to determine the time and to classify consequently even atomic processes.
Therefore our efforts should be to cause corresponding corrections so that the advance is not hindered and our knowledge is brought on the newest stand. Only so, we can escape the conservative strengths!
Our most upper commandment should be to be discovered and to recognize the multiplicity of the universe. But only when all work together without controversies, we will reach this goal!

©2007 author: Michael Köchling

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