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How do super-relativistic particles originate?

In contact at the article „What is light real?“, can we fall back on the facts named in it and come by means of the Mach´s laws to an acceptable result.

Certainly you will be very tense which may now come. However as always the course of events is quite simply to be derived and it corresponds to logical assumptions, which are with the natural laws in unison.

Initially we want to clarify from where such particles come. As main-cause, super-novas are to us known. Extreme strengths become free with them when repelling the wrap-material, which atoms, molecules and mainly their heavy-ions rends. In addition, the fragments emerging from it become through the explosion-strengths, just as through electric - and magnetic fields accelerates. Even today, after 952 years, high-energetic particles still arrive on the earth from the cancer-fog such. The super-nova took place in the year 1054 of our calendar. There have been such events many in the past and per year becomes 1 - 3 again discovers. However not only in our Milky way but also in many other Galaxies, they occur.

It gives us unknown sources in the universe however which particles generate with still far higher energies, as it us from Supernovas - events known is. It still gives us known processes for it model-bills, with which one explain these enormous energies or could describe, at this time neither. The found energies stretch far over Tera-electronvolt. This is energies, that we can arrange no single particle with our best accelerators. The so named height-radiation is still explored intensively for this reason. Method's the particle located in it and their directions, one wants to find the corresponding causes in the universe. This reason turns into La Palma on the canary island and in South-west-Africa new gamma - telescopes installs. One can look the tiny light-lightnings with them with the impact of such particles at atoms or molecules of the high-atmosphere.

As you know all, neither waves nor particles can move faster than with the speed of light. Broadly, particles therefore have, which with far-from bigger energies is accelerated, as is required to the achievement of the speed of light, accordingly higher masses. This could with accelerator - experiments perfectly is proven.
We know about the particular relativity-theory that a higher speed is not possible as that of the light, for it however the relativistic mass of the particle and consequently its kinetic energy grows.
On the other hand the particles are braked constantly in the accelerators under depositing of waves (Synchrotron-radiation) and additional energy must be supplied them in form of magnetic thrusts again and again.
How the masses and with it the energies of such particles can be reached, has now following reason.
From the article „What is Light real? “can see you that emitted with everyone, accelerated, loaded - or magnetic particles simultaneously a wave with is emitted, examples for this is the Synchrotron - and the Tscherenkow-radiation.
From it emerges that with speed of light of a particle the originated, advance hurrying wave practically an immense strength is crowded together like with the supersonic-bang and must comprise consequently. In this case, the energies of wave are plus particles together then when arriving, from what enormous energies develop works.
It is debatable with these processes however, whether truly also the particle with arrives, because as we know about the relativity-theory, the particle had to would be braked with so high speed and only the wave should still arrive. It is because of the resistance growing with the speed, which works also in the vacuum of the cosmos. This is applied however only to the gigantic distances in the cosmos, against which the short distances play no role in our accelerators and also arrive particles on the targets really.
As from me in my book „It becomes light! “described, shock waves absolutely have particle-character, through which would be guaranteed, that such waves can be behaved like particles and can be considered particles consequently. No difference is practically with extremely short and strong shock waves to determine opposite particles.
From the Feynman - diagrams it goes anyway forth that particles can originate through energy-rich waves spontaneously. Meetings extremely strong shock waves from the cosmos now on particles of the high-atmosphere, so the particle-shivers, that we register here on the earth, could originate also through it.
One had therefore to would install a research-satellite, which would try, in the cosmos whether he a distraction through magnetic - and electric fields can cause, because waves cannot be influenced through it. Only so, one could determine doubt-free. Particles of the super-nova truly still arrive possible manner after 952 years in the cancer-fog now. They have needed for a very long time, because was braked them and was much slower than the light. The distance of the cancer-fog amounts to approximately 4895 light-years. Consequently, the event is behind in reality approximately 5847 years.
If a new super-nova is sighted, so however truly only waves should arrive in form of shock waves of this event with us. This fits into the scheme of the electromagnetic waves then well, just like it from the science right declared and is represented in the total-spectrum as ultra-short high-energetic space-radiation.

We must therefore wait until corresponding experiments can clarify in the cosmos whether waves or particles now arrive from again sighted super-novas here. With far back lying events like the cancer-fog, the particles should actually arrive then and that causes us known effects.

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In the astrophysics, much is possible, however, it should always be compatible with the natural conditions.

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