©2007 author: Michael Köchling

Is the vacuum of the cosmos truly empty?

In the last edition of the cosmos-tidings (autumn 2007), you could admire a very good reception of the Cirrus - fog on the last side. This image was accepted into Namibia of Stefan Dylus and Franz-Josef Gilles. Already the tender filamentes of this fog-structure are unbelievable. Is it about a shock wave of a former super-nova enormous through the cosmos however, originated approximately 300.000 years ago. Something is however so particularly at it? In order to show you to this, here again the truly excellent successful picture:

Please heed the sides upper and under of the fog-structure. Under the fog, more stars than upper it are to be seen unequally. This must be well-founded! And although is to be seen other gas or dust-fogs evidently nowhere, we find on the down side more loudly young, and especially brightly shining stars.There are not hundreds or thousands but far more, because this is only a quite lesser section of the truly gigantic structure, which extends over many light-years away. There, the question remains: How can it come in the empty cosmos to such immense new entities of stars where nothing is obviously? The one is quite sure namely: The pristine super-nova, so much mass can never have handed over at the cosmos to let all the many stars originate from it!
The shock wave enormous through the universe must have stimulated something to it however that so many new stars could refine and this must comprise something incredibly much mass. Only so, this process is explicable. The whole reminds me of the Feynman - diagrams. Richard Feynman produced these diagrams in order to show that particles originate spontaneously and can pass if shock waves or light-waves rage with extremely short wavelengths through the vacuum.

Exactly these qualities have the shock waves of super-novas, because they hurry with several thousand km/ses through the universe. However Richard Feynman didn't declare from what the particles originate. This is only a from many puzzles the science.
They would have had to quite plainly admit that there is no absolutely empty vacuum but it is filled with it, which we from at that time as it „ethers “ the Albert Einstein knew. It differs from the then assumptions only in it, that it is not static but dynamic. How actually everything in our universe!
So one now sees plainly as the spontaneous star-formations can occur. We can however still not yet say with it exact which is there in the cosmos and as long as no direct proof can be produced, one will negate each existence of such a medium. There are sufficiently indirect proofs with it, and have become meanwhile so many that somebody can hardly still refuse the existence of such a medium to do implausibly without itself. But we have new names for it meanwhile, as become dark energy and dark matter! Hear yourself also much at better as „ethers “, because ether is finally an anesthetic and still to it highly explosive. This name is therefore inappropriate and they should agree on the name medium. The cause-reference can still be added this name later. Of what this medium consists would be recognizable only with it then.

©2007 author: Michael Köchling

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