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The formation of the universe once some different one(s)!

So right nobody has understood until now as it is ordered about the starts of our universe. Mathematically, there are quite clear borders, from there all calculations denies. That „inflationary universe from the nothingness“ the Alan Guth the expansion-instalment has not given it obviously either and was at the beginning of rather leisurely and not like broadly represented, with approximately speed of light.
In other words: The young universe behaved not at all in accordance with the ideas of our theoreticians. For this reason, a certain helplessness grasps slowly about itself, albeit many think, and also publicly to have understood everything express.
In my article „horizon-problems“ (cosmos-tidings autumn 2003) I represented several reasons why there can have been no "big bang" and no inflationary universe from the nothingness. All previous models are not comprehensible after it and for it must be looked alternatives.
To this, many realisations of the modern time have pretended the way. One of those is the incredibly low possible different of the gravitational-strength for example so that it stuck over the time period of more than 13,5 billion years with a flat universe. With it means „flat “, still that the universe neither implodes, explodes but constantly constant is. The deviation is allowed to with it only between the values 1,00 ...with 64 zeros and at it afterwards one 1, or 0,99... until 64 nines („faster than the speed of light “, Joáo Magueijo 2003, p. 119ff ). These values show us that each difference so low still would have led to a disaster for the universe. Furthermore, each type of lives would probably have been impossible in an open or closed universe.
Thereupon, the expansion-speeds of super-novas were measured in gigantic distances. They clearly showed that the then expansion-instalment was quite low and only became more and more quickly in the course of billions years. Just as little understood is it, as it to the formation of that „big wall“ has come. It is formed from an incredibly big number of galaxies and range itself over more than 500 million light-years in a distance of approximately 350 millions light-years ("The birth of the cosmos from the nothingness", Alan Guth, 1997, p. 344. A such structure would have after statements of scientists, can never originate in the time bygone until now.
Additionally, the many-vesicular structure of the matter-distribution gives up puzzles. Gigantic empty-areas in the universe, which are restricted by galaxies at their peripheries, are however. Their middle diameters amount to 150 million light-years and all collected circa yielded a frothy structure of the cosmos.
What is however far worse, exists in the „big attractor“. Nobody knows, which it is, or where it is. One only determined that each matter strives toward in the universe on him. It is completely no matter with it, whether it itself about gas - and dusts, or about galaxies or even galaxies-pile deals. Everything is conducted slowly into his direction. The effect with it is quite similar, as if somebody has removed the plug from a full bathtub. And now the bathtub-content of the outflow is sucked in. It is this only one comparison, however it corresponds to the observed processes.
More puzzles form the cores of galaxies. They comprise masses of millions to billions sunbathe-masses. Such accumulations place the researchers in front of almost unsolvable problems, because something was first? The gigantic core-masses, or the galaxies? Any of these gigantic masses would have needed for their formation longer as the universe exists. Therefore also here the quite similar question: What first existed, the chicken or the egg? How could such mass-concentrations occur at all? Even if is emphasised again and again that that „black holes “in the galaxies-centres per year itself several stars should absorb, so this corresponds to the truth in no way!
One look namely somewhat more specifically, so one can determine that the attracted matter collects itself in an accretions-disk about the central-object. And after relatively short time, this matter is emitted the central-object in form of gigantic Jets at the Poland. This is caused by huge magnetic and electric fields.
That Hubble - Space - Telescope has done such jets at several galaxies visible. Jets, that protrudes several ten thousand light-years far from the disk-planes of the galaxies. It remains however completely in the darkness as the formation of the central-masses has occurred. Big central-masses were determined yes itself at dwarf-galaxies and even ball-star-pile lately. The masses were so different with it that only one conclusion resulted from it: There is no upper or low mass-border for these central-objects.
Another aspect is that all galaxies must comprise much more mass, as is recognisable in the visible light. Infrared-receptions have also shown then that in and about the galaxies still gas - and dusts exists, which together with the visible share the 2 until 3-fold at mass yields.

My favourite theory of the universe-formation is based on all the aforementioned facts, and this already since long time. Already years ago, I have pointed out this possibility with several articles. And first recently came the crucial, supporting research-results through the science.
After my knowledge, the universe is from indoors out through a downright crumble originated. As main-cause, I regard the continuous decrease of the gravitational-strength for this. This happens from us all completely unseen because the process is insignificant for our short life-spans and cannot be perceived. Moreover, each matter, and through it also our units of measurement, expands hereby through which all circumstances remain constant
It is given with it however that the universe can expand. Additionally, an initially stronger gravitational-strength, which can explain the long-term expansion during the formation-phase, results from it. This is concurring with the registered expansion-instalments over the entire time period of more than 13,5 billion years. Thereupon, standard gauges originated from one many fractions of most different sizes, which formed the later emerging cores of galaxies. Stars could originate through further crumble and through relationship of gravitation. This happened quite similarly, as with a burning coal-piece. The emerging gases surrounded the coal-piece, expanded permanently however. Still today, we see the individual principal items in form of quasars. These are with it as well as in already existing galaxies, as also thinned out and completely in the cosmos alone. Both shares occur for example equally frequently. Meanwhile it is known that it is mainly extreme star-formation-areas. By such galaxies-cores, more energy is usually emitted as a whole giant-galaxy hands over.
We can take from it what has happened in the dawn of the universe. Even an exactly again emerging galaxy became recent in only 45 millions Ljs. distance discovered. Their age should run no longer than 500 million years („Galactic Youngster in our neighbourhood“, StarObserver February 2005). Here we see that these processes are completed by no means and can originate new galaxies anytime.
If we therefore look at the quasars (quasi-stellar objects) more exactly, so we can like above represented, two types determine. Type 1 is in galaxies-centres and type 2 in the cosmos alone somewhere. What we see here with type 2, one therefore represents the core itself with high likelihood exactly forming galaxy. In the course of several billions years, into a comparable galaxy will turn it like the Andromeda-galaxy or our Milky way. The sizes of all galaxies are determined with it by the exit-masses of the principal items.
These principal items contribute interesting manner only to one part to the total-masses of the emerging galaxies. The bulk is formed from the gravitational-strength. The gravitones form the history energy in the universe and with it the standards.
And now you please introduce yourself that is bound these standard gauges long-term and contributes to the education of galaxies. A continuous decrease of this strength, which justifies the expansion of the cosmos, is connected with it. We have one with it in itself conclusive theory, that can answer all questions. Until on two natural:
What has this of everything put down in walk? And whoever has created the prerequisites for it?

Conversations with my friend and lecturer, that Dipl. Ing. Gerald Petry, has promoted another noteworthy variation to day. He is of the opinion, that the matter is moved like with a low pressure-area in the edge-areas of the universe apart, what an apparent expansion yields, but simultaneously everything is moved in direction centre (the big attractor). One, as I find, absolutely remarkable idea. The future research-results will have to therefore show what applies. Maybe, our universe is truly only one low pressure-zone of many, with accordingly many high pressure-areas as neighbour-universes.

Now, the coincidence probably wanted it that just now at the 17. February 2005 on N24 at 20.05 o'clock a programme over „black holes “in galaxies was sent. To this only so much: Almost finished giving done in this report became through American scientists, all in front professor Gehz, confirms. Quite obviously, one has read my former articles very alertly, or has come inescapable on comparable results meanwhile. Because the report represented here from me is only one repetition with supplements to the current stand, based on new realisations. My first report with above presented assumptions to the initially low expansion-instalment and one from it to high age of individual stars, I already published in May 2001 in „It becomes light!“ p. 146f.
And in the article „give it „black holes?" find the hint in the last paragraph that galaxies possible manner from indoors out has originated.

In the astrophysics, much is possible, however, it should always be compatible with the natural conditions.

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